HNINA Gourmet is nuts about #chocolate!

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? 

Give the gift of hand crafted gourmet chocolates with crunchy nuts, coconuts, seeds and decadent dark chocolate from HNINA gourmet. 

I have a major sweet tooth and love all things chocolate whether it's dark, milk or white chocolate!

I've finally met my match HNINA Gourmet is nuts about chocolate just like I am!  

Artisanal chocolates are beautiful, almost to pretty to eat. Almost.. 

I treat myself once in awhile to something decadent and chocolate is my go to treat whether it's ice cream hot chocolate , or handcrafted chocolates like these decadent little treasures from HNINA Gourmet !

HNINA Gourmet makes their chocolates by hand with the finest of raw ingredients that are sweetened with honey and maple syrup along crunchy nuts, sprouted seeds and coconut! 

HNINA gourmet chocolates are free from

Palm oil free
Free from refined sugars
Pesticide free
 High fructose and corn syrup 

Made with 

Raw chocolate 
Sprouted seeds and nuts
Functional foods

They are 

All natural
Kosher parve
Paleo friendly 

HNINA Gourmet chocolates offer a range of seven delectable creations of nuts and seeds for a delicious experience of taste, textures, aromas and sensational flavors. 

These chocolates go along beautifully with your favorite beverages to enhance your sweet experience whether it be coffee, tea or wine!

Brick: 6.5oz (185g) $19.99

Boulder: 2oz (60g) $7.99

Rock: 1oz (30g) $4.99

Pebble: 0.5oz (15g) $2.99

HNINA even has an assorted variety box of chocolates which is the perfect gift for your loved ones especially if they like the finer things in life when it comes to sweets!

HNINA sent me their artisanal chocolates for review and here is what I received.
Brazilian nuts+almond+coconut

What's not to love when you have sweet shreds of coconut and crunchy nuts enrobed in creamy luscious chocolate? 

It was love at first bite first you get the creaminess of the chocolate on the outside then crunchy  Brazilian and almonds on the inside with sweet coconut chips it's like a party for your mouth ! It's sweet, it's crunchy, and so delicious tasted just like an almond joy! 

Walnuts + cashews

This little gem of decadent smooth dark chocolate was delicious the nuts gave it a great flavor with a crunch ! 

Macadamia + pistachios
Sweet and crunchy 

Almonds and hazelnuts paired together perfectly in this gem of sinful decadent dark chocolate it was like a party for your mouth! 

I liked the crunch of the seeds paired with the bittersweet dark chocolate! 

Pecans+ pine nuts 
I'm not sure I've tried chocolate with pine nuts in it before but it was good loved the combination of the caramelized pecans and the pine nuts all th the dark chocolate! 

Pistachios + hazelnuts 

What can I say about brick bar other than the fact that it was insanely delicious! It was creamy, it was sweet, it was crunchy and melt in your mouth amazing! I loved the combination from the earthy
pistachios, the crunch of the pine nuts and the luscious chocolate it was pure heaven ! 

Give the gift of decadent chocolates this season from HNINA Gourmet, they won't be disappointed! 

25% off on HNINA Gourmet website through December with HOLPROM25 coupon code.
Thereafter, 20% off with PROM20.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas  and Happy

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples in exchange for my honest opinion which is in fact my own.







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