Rawclates artisanal truffles and bar Review

It was the spring of 2010 when Hadra Slok founder of Rawclates concocted  a recipe for chocolates that were shelf stable and were made with prime organic and raw ingredients chock full of superfoods.

Hadra had many years of expertise in healing and the culinary arts  field where she eloquently handcrafted each delectable Rawclate.

Esar Hadra's daughter was passionately in love with Rawclates their flavors so unique and with that she joined her mom in creating raw chocolates. 

 Rawclates aren't your ordinary  chocolates they are made with love each truffle so uniquely crafted made in Brooklyn New York with the finest of raw and organic ingredients alongside their tantalizing flavor profile of both new and old using superfoods like goji Berry, acai Berry, Lucama, hemp, blueberries and mesquite. 

Rawclates are

*Gluten Free
*Dairy Free
*100% organic
* Raw
*Low Glycemic index
*sugarcane free 

Rawclates uses fair trade and kosher ingredients when making their chocolates .

I came across Rawclates online and was enticed by their chocolates they were beautiful each curated by hand with a unique flavor and design !

Hadra herself sent me some of her beautiful artisanal chocolates for review and being that I love chocolate I couldn't wait to try them!

Let's get to the tasting shall we!? 

Don't let these truffles fool you by their size, they are bursting with flavor! Each  morsel of these unique handcrafted artisanal chocolates were exotic yet sweet and melt in your mouth! 


Mocha Vanilla:
Robust mocha enrobed in chocolate with the essence of vanilla.

Salt & Pepper caramel:
Salt and pepper in chocolate with creamy caramel? It sounds strange but it's so dang good! It was creamy, it was sweet with a little kick from the pepper

Mesquite maple nut :
The sticky sweetness of maple and the creamy chocolate paired together perfectly with crunchy nut clusters! 

Trust me your going to want to sink your teeth into Rawclates they are unique, creamy, decadent, sweet and oh so delicious !

Chai with turmeric caramel bar:

The pungent flavor of the turmeric intertwined with the dark chocolate is heightened to a new taste level when enrobed in luscious creamy caramel !
It was like a party for your taste buds.

I loved everything from the beautiful  packaging to the scrumptious chocolates ! 

Rawclates make the perfect gift for the holidays! 

I received no compensation for this post however Rawclates provided me with samples in exchange for review for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.






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