#Thanksgiving leftover recipes!

Next to stuffing my all time favorite Thanksgiving side is sweet potatoes, why because they are sweet, so delicious and you can make all sorts of recipes with them like sweet potato fries, baked potato style and much more!

I'm a huge fan of breakfast food I the mosI can eat it for dinner or even lunch.

Since I had leftover mashed sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving and didn't know what to do with it I made these easy pancakes!

I heated a skillet with a bit of coconut oil so the batter wouldn't stick while cooking then I cracked two eggs into a bowl with about 1/2 cup of mashed sweet potato, put in some cinnamon to taste whisked it all together and then scooped the batter making three generous sized pancakes onto the skillet.

I just love the way sweet potatoes taste they are delicious whether you sprinkle on cinnamon,add chopped nutty pecans, or even marshmallows!

Cook your pancakes until they are golden brown !

Add on your favorite topping And enjoy!

These sweet potato pancakes would be even more delicious with chocolate chips! I sprinkled on some raisins and a little maple syrup!

Thanksgiving isn't complete without a turkey sandwich now is it?

There's just that something about Thanksgiving leftovers that I love maybe it's the roasted turkey, or the tangy tart cranberries maybe even the stuffing, you see where I'm getting at? 
Remember those pumpkin muffins that I whipped up..well they're back and stuffed with all the fixings.

This delightful pumpkin sandwich Stuffed to perfection was almost better than the feast...almost!

What's not to love when you've got a savory pumpkin muffin stuffed with turkey, apple cranberry and raisin stuffing along with tangy homemade cranberry sauce and a sprig of lettuce to add a Crunch and Pop of color!


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