Jilz GlutenFree Crackerz Review

It all started in the year of 2013 with Jill founder of Jilz Crackerz when she was on the hunt for a nutritious yet flavorful as well as delicious snack for her husband that has an intolerance to gluten.

She returned empty handed without any snacks especially ones that were made with only few ingredients that offered a crunch and tasted good so she did what anybody else would do made her own! 

She came up with a recipe in the comfort of her own home where they were baked to crispy perfection! Her husband Ron raved about the snacks so much so that even their friends had to try them out and they too fell in love with the crackerz.

So with the support and encouragement of husband and friends they thought it was a terrific idea that she'd set up her own business to not only make the snacks but produce them as well for all to enjoy!

A bit of research later and recipe tinkering she then brought the crackers to the market, little did she know that her glutenfree crackerz would become a huge hit around the U.S. that has become not only a healthy and delicious way to snack but part of a lifestyle to many!

Jilz crackerz are made with only real simple ingredients that are free of Gluten, Grains, Dairy, Corn and soy.

They are also vegan and paleo friendly too! 

They contain only 3 grams of fiber and protein making them a great meal or snack paired with your favorite cheeses, guacamole, soups and more! 

The crackerz are made without any artificial flavorings, colors and preservatives .

Jilz crackerz come in three deliciou crispy varieties 

*Cracked Pepper & sea salt 

I've been hearing quite the buzz about these tasty crackers all over Instagram and had to find out for myself just how good they were.

Jill herself was more than kind enough to send me some of her crackerz to review and I couldn't wait to bite into them just thinking of all of the recipes I could make to pair with them had my mouth watering.

So what am I waiting for let's get to the munching shall we!


These crackerz were crispy, flavorful with just the right amount of seasoning . Think of a warm soft buttery baked garlic bread but in cracker form ! It goes along great with chicken salad, tuna, and much more! 

Cracked Pepper & sea salt:

These are the perfect cracker to pair with whatever you'd like from soup, cheese, even chili! I liked that the pepper gave the cracker an added kick to it with the crunch speckled with sea salt! 

Mediterranaian :

The perfect pair to these delicious crackerz is an assortment of roasted pepper, feta cheese, hummus, olives making one great game day appetizer to serve your guests! 

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with free samples to review in exchange for my honest opinion which are in fact my own. 






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