Umchu Primitive Nutrition bars

Feeling a little hungry? I have just the right snack for you these bars from Umchu primitive nutrition are made with high quality ingredients and free from the top five allergens dairy, gluten, wheat, corn, and soy that provide a crunch with a hint of sweetness! 

So chew on Umchu today! 

Never uses 

Umchu bars 

Non GMO 

Umchu Bars are made without


Umchu bars are handcrafted and made with only top five high quality ingredients

Umchu bar flavors include

Honey Coconut & Nut
Coconut Coca Nib
Peanut Sea Salt
Almond Coconut
Primitive Pb&J 
Seeds & Seeds
Cinnamon Pecan 
Coconut & Flax 

I was provided with Umchu bars to try out for review and here are the flavors that I received to chew on! 

Honey Coconut & Nut:

Almonds, honey, organic coconut, pecans and sea salt 

Holy coconut this bar was super duper delicious it was moist, chewy, nutty from the crunchy almonds and pecans with touch of sweetness from honey followed by the exotic shreds of coconut throughout each bite! 

It was a cross between a mounds bar only without the chocolate and a raw macaroon but in bar form it was so good from the crunch of the almonds to the sweet shreds of coconut and touch of honey ! It was everything a bar should be a little crunch for a boost of protein to provide you with energy and a hint of sweetness to crush those cravings for something sweet! 

Peanut Sea Salt:
Made with organic peanuts, brown rice syrup and sea salt

With its sticky sweetness of brown rice syrup and nutty peanuts speckled with sea salt reminded me of biting into sweet crunchy peanut brittle ! 

Coconut Cocoa Nibs:

Made with organic coconut, brown rice syrup, and organic cocoa nibs

With it's sweet nutty coconut shreds and melt in your mouth cocoa nibs it made me think of a mounds bar it was sweet, creamy from the cocoa and oh so delicious ! 




Next time hunger hits chew on an Umchu bar! 

I received no compensation for this post however was provided with free samples of Umchu bars to review in exchange for my honest opinion which are in fact my own.


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