Muffinelse Nothing But Goodness Paleo Muffins Review!

It all began in Texas when founder of Muffinelse Shira came up with her own special treats instead of giving into junk food.

After many recipes she came up with her very own paleo treat and Muffinelse muffins was born!

A year and many muffin taste testings later they perfected their recipe and they knew it was time to introduce Muffinelse to the world !

Muffinelse is a company ran by family who have a goal in mind for people to enjoy sweets but in a healthy way where they can whip them up in a flash with simple ingredients without sacrificing flavor.

Muffinelse muffins is the perfect muffin to enjoy literally you can have your cake and eat it too, muffin for that matter!

They are moist, bursting with flavor and oh so delicious! Plus they are guilt free being that it's more like a muffin top which to me is the best part of the muffin!

Muffinelse muffins are the dry ingredients that already come pre measured so all you've got to do is tear open the package, pour into a microwave safe mug or bowl, then take your handy measuring scoop and add water, give it a stir until you get a muffin batter consistency then pop it into the microwave for a total of 90 seconds and you'll have breakfast in no time!

Let cool , add desired toppings such as a drizzle of almond butter, maple syrup or fresh fruit and enjoy!

They make a wonderful breakfast or a quick grab n go snack! Or one heck of a decadent dessert with flavors like cinnamon rising, double chocolate, pecan clover, and nutty maple!

Muffinelse muffins are made with only 8 ingredients that are free from dairy, soy, gluten and added sugar!

They are free of additives as well as preservatives.

They are only minimally processed.

Those of you who are leading or are interested in the Paleo lifestyle these muffins are the perfect fit being that they are Paleo friendly! Win win !

To me muffins are one of my favorite comfort breakfast foods! They are moist, fluffy, buttery, sweet and oh so good!

They can be made in so many ways from sweet to savory with peanut butter, fruit, nuts and more!

When I was in high school I would stop by my local dunkin donuts almost daily to start the morning off.

My favorite of course was the chocolate chip ! So moist like yet yet so rich from the melt in your mouth chocolate chips!

Did you have a favorite muffin as a kid?

Since then I've come to realize that bakery muffins aren't as healthy as they claim to be. Sure they are low in fat but they are loaded with sugar which says it all for me.

I still to this day love me a good muffin every now and then from blueberry, apple cinnamon, pumpkin, cranberry, the possibilities are endless!

I like making muffins at home because one you get to control the size of them and two you can add your own ingredients that are half the fat and calories of those bigger muffins.

It's a pain when your making muffins at home and have all these measuring cups, spoons and bowls all over the counter and before you know it your covered in flour.

How many times have you been in the middle of making muffins and remembers you forgot to buy one of the most important ingredients at the store the other day?

With Muffinelse they do everything for you and all you have to do is add water, mix and then microwave.

When I came across Muffinelse online it was just what I was looking for the perfect breakfast when I'm short on time something still healthy, easy yet delicious.

Shira herself was more than kind enough to provide me with samples of her muffins to review and I couldn't wait to dig into their fluffy moist goodness!

Nutty Maple:

Sweet and sticky maple with bits of crunchy walnuts in each bite ! If that weren't enough I gave it a drizzle of almond butter and a sprinkling of raisins making one tasty breakfast !

Cinnamon Rising:

It was spicy, it was sweet from the aromatic aroma of cinnamon along with plump and juicy raisins.

Pecan Clover:

Crunchy pecans with the pungent aroma of clove make the perfect pair. I've never tried a muffin before with cloves in it but I'm so glad I did because it tasted like a warm gingerbread with an added crunch!

Double chocolate:

What can I say about this muffin not only did it remind me of a chocolate chip muffin that I love oh so much but decadent rich chocolate cake! It was fluffy, it was chocolaty, it was sweet and offered a slight crunch from the cacao nibs! This was the perfect breakfast paired with coffee!

I loved each and every muffin unique in their own special way, the ease of them not to mention the fact that they are healthy and didn't make a mess!


I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples for free to review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.








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