Taali Foods Water Lily Pops!

It all began with founder of Taali Foods Water Lily Pops Aarti and Aditya when they met in a math class 18 years later in Philadelphia as undergrad students who knew that they lived only mintues from one another in Bombay, little did they know that they both share a passion for foods, Aarti is an exceptional cook and Aditya eats healthy.

Both Aarti and Aditya love to snack so much so that after they've had some time in America made them realize that a lot of snacks on the market are highly processed, fried, or made with ingredients such as corn, and wheat so they decided to switch it up a bit creating their very own snack.

It took a few test runs and samplings with friends and family which is how Taali Water lily Pops was born! Aarti and Aditya have a dream for Taali Foods and they want their snacks to be not only healthy and tasty but guilt free.

Taali Water lily Pops are made from Non-GMO, whole and natural ingredients that we can pronounce not to mention spell developing a contrast that you can relish.

What are Water Lily Pops?

Water lily Pops are made from seeds of an aquatic crop known as the Euryale Ferox (part of the water lily family). which is a plant found predominately in Northern India and is an exceedingly popular crop for the farmers of that specific region. Lily seeds have been used in both  Indian and Chinese medicine for centuries and also find a worthy place in the practice of Ayurveda.

From farm to table 

Seeds from the water lily plant are harvested , graded, dried then popped resulting in an all natural crunchy plant based snack. Taali Water Lily Pop seeds are slow roasted to perfection providing them with their crispy texture like popcorn!

Fun Facts

Did you know that Taali's Water Lily Pops have 20% less calories and 67% less fat than popcorn? 

Taali Water Lily Pops are free from

  • Artificial Flavors
  • Artificial Preservatives
  • Trans Fats
  • Maltodextrin
  • Corn 
  • GMO's
Taali Water Lily Pops are also 

  • Vegan
  • Paleo Friendly
Contains 6 grams of protein in each bag per serving !

Plus they are roasted not fried can I get a high five?!

Water Lily Pops Flavors

  • Sriracha Spice
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • White Cheddar
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Tangy Turmeric
  • Tikki Masala 
I've tried a snack similar to Taali Foods water lily pops (Lotus Pops) and loved them so when I came across them on Amazon they piqued my interest. Who doesn't love a good crunchy snack that resembles pop corn when it comes to curling up on the couch watching a movie? 

Aarti herself provided me with some of her Water Lily Pops to try out for review and I couldn't wait to taste them!

The flavors I received were 

White Cheddar:
made with popped water lily seeds, palm oil, cheese powder, salt, yeast extract, black pepper and Vitamin C to preserve freshness

Think of cheesy popcorn only without the corn and healthy providing you with an intense cheesy flavor and satisfying crunch that can't be beat!

Himalayan Sea Salt: made with popped water lily seeds, palm oil, and Himalayan sea salt

I loved the salty taste of the Himalayan flavor it provided great flavor while keeping it guilt free making it the perfect movie time snack even Jack wanted some!

Tangy Turmeric:  made with popped water lily seeds, palm oil, sugar, salt, mango powder, turmeric, spices, whey powder, Tamarind powder, Citric Acid and Vitamin E to preserve freshness.

I really liked the Tangy Turmeric it was a little spicy with a touch of sweetness from the mango

Tikki Masala : made with popped water lily seeds, palm oil, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, ginger powder, tomato powder, chili powder, spices, whey powder, and Vitamin E to preserve freshness.
 The Tikki Masala was lit! The flavor profile was intense with smoky heat. I don't usually like foods that are spicy but I just couldn't resist them they were too good to put down.

Pop. Eat. Repeat with Taali Foods Water Lily Pops!


I received no compensation for this post however I was provided with samples of Taali Foods Water Lily Pops to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.









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