Truvia Crowdtap Sampling

I absolutely love coffee and when I found out that I would be receiving Truvia samples from crowdtap I couldn't wait to give them a try because I don't take my coffee plain I love to 
at least sweeten it up with just a bit of sugar, some milk or a drizzle of caramel. It makes the perfect cup of coffee!

Here's a shot of the Truvia samples I received from the crowdtap sampling!
Time to replace sugar and make a #sweetswitch with Truvia!

Now for my mom though whom I shared my Truvia samples with takes her coffee with cream and no sugar substitutes in it at all but made her try some anyway!

Here's a shot of the coffee as soon as it started dripping from the Keurig!

Moms thoughts:

She thought it was surprisingly good not too sugary and offered the right amount of sweetness to the cup of coffee!

My thoughts:
Not too sweet which was good because some sugar substitutes are either too sugary or have a weird metallic taste to them, will works great in my favorite drink which is smoothies, and coffee!!


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