Brother's All Natural Review and Giveaway!

The winner is...

Deidre Coffey!

These snacks from Brother's All Natural are designed by two brothers Matt and Travis Betters.

Doesn't contain any nuts, soy, dairy and wheat.

Another great fact is that these snacks are portion controlled and healthy.

made from Australian oats and freeze dried fruits for flavor

Strawberries and Banana

I chose to go with the Strawberry and Banana oatmeal this morning.

It has bits of freeze dried strawberries and bananas. 

(love freeze dried fruit)

So I read the label and poured the contents into the cup filled it with some water and gave it a stir, with the cutest little spoon that came with it!

Popped it into the microwave.

Took it out and stirred some more because it wasn't thick enough like I like it.

Didn't taste too bad but could of been a bit sweeter.

Popped it into the microwave again thinking it wasn't done yet.

Big mistake!

It poured everywhere into the microwave.

So I ended up getting a half of cup. 

Wasn't too happy with the end result of this. 

Even after it was finished it never got lumpy by letting it sit for 2 minutes like the package stated.

Mixed Berry 

What better way to warm up in the Winter than with a cup of hot oatmeal! 

Made with Australian Oats, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries freeze dried and put into the cutest little pouches for our convenience.

I decided to go with a different approach this time because last time it didn't turn out so great.

I used less water in the preparation this time.

It came out thick just the way I like it!

Didn't even need to add more ingredients to make it sweet either!

Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps-

love how great freeze dried fruit is.

They don't brown like real fruit does when it's been sitting for awhile.

They are lightly sweetened and put into little bags for our convenience. 

Put them in your cereal, oatmeal or sprinkle them on top of your favorite yogurt.

Heck just eat them out of the bag on the go for a quick snack!

Greatest thing of all is it's kid friendly and no added sugars or preservatives!

How awesome is that?

Apple Cinnamon-  

Great cinnamon and apple taste.

Not too sweet.

Strawberry and Banana-

With real slices of strawberries and bananas you can add to anything!

Cereals, frozen yogurt, yogurt or in trail mix!

Light and sweet!

So good and worked great with my Kashi Hearts cereal!

Loved the sweetness of the bananas and strawberries. 

It's quick it's sweet and it's good enough to eat!

Sliced Peaches-

With huge slices of real peaches this is super delicious and great in yogurts and cereal! 

They are light, sweet and crispy.

Oh so good! 

Have a peachy day! 

1.What do you look for when choosing snacks for your kids?

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Winner gets a complete sampler pack of 1 bag of each fruit crisps flavor and 2 samples of their fruit and oats! 

There is a coupon code here 

 bliss15  is for 15% off any purchase on on the Brother's all Natural Website! 

Remember one time use per customer. 


  1. I like variety! They get bored after a few times having the same snack over and over so its important to have a wide variety of healthy snacks they can choose from.

  2. I tweeted !!!

  3. I look for snacks with less sugar and different variety. we are big on taking sugar out of our diet's.

  4. OMG...all that looks amaazing and it making me hungry! Snacks around my house are usually low in sugar and I try to buy the least processed of foods. (Still follow you!!)


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