Grandy Oats

Grandy Oats has been hand making their own granola since 1979.

They use the finest organic ingredients.

Such as apples, raisins,cranberries in their organic oatmeal with fruit. 

 Grandy Oats also makes

Trail mix and roasted nuts!

Organic Oatmeal with fruit

For breakfast this morning I wanted something quick and easy.

I grabbed the oatmeal and poured in some water, stirred it and popped it in the microwave.

To me it smelled like oatmeal cookies baking!

Took a bite and thought to myself pretty good.

Not too sweet, the fruit gave it a little sweetness to it.

To make the oatmeal cool down a bit I added in some unsweetened Vanilla Milk (Blue Diamond)

Loved how the oatmeal tasted, very good and just what I needed to start the day!

Toasted Coconut Almonds

I am in love with all things coconut.

Whether it's chocolate, coffee or yogurt.

These nuts are made with dark Maine maple syrup, coconut, brown rice flour and of course almonds.

When nibbling on the almonds there is a very light taste of coconut, but the maple syrup you can really taste.

It was good but the coconut taste could of been a bit more because I couldn't really taste it at all. 

Garlic Herb Cashews-

I have tried other garlic products but never garlic cashews till now.

They are so good and offer the right amount of garlic taste.

Cranberry Chew Granola-

I loved the taste of the sweet granola with the added tartness from the chewy cranberries.

Mix in this amazing granola in your favorite yogurt and enjoy!

High Antioxidant Trail Mix-

a quick and easy snack to keep you energized with cranberries, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds ,mullberries,goji berries and jumbo raisins. 

Classic Granola-

Very good, not too sweet like some other granola and works great on yogurt or on top of smoothies! 


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