Amazing shades of Color

I'm a Bzzagent and got to try this cool new product from Cover girl for free for testing purposes.

I am not really a lip stick wearer but 

some of the shades looked great on me!

Even surprised myself at how amazing a little lip color can do.

The boldest or richest color can make your sexy lips really stand out!

Love how they are blend able shades, meaning 2 shades in one lip stick! 

If you want to get technical it's called a Flip stick!

You can switch between the colors depending on your mood or outfit of the day. 

How awesome is that?

So if you want a color that's not too dark then Vixen (light pink) is the way to go!

If your looking for a more darker pigment then go with the deep red or mocha looking colors!

Each flip stick is sure to please!


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