Bean Fields Chips

Chips made with navy and black beans.

These are chips you don't have to feel bad about eating!

They are all natural, vegan free and gluten free as well!

They are made from beans and taste oh so delicious!

They taste just like any other chips.

I don't miss real chips at all!

They come in many flavors from Nacho Cheese to Sea Salt.

Nacho Cheese-
The flavor was phenomenal and tasted just like nachos!

Cheese taste was so delicious!

Not too salty at all.

Loved the crunchiness of the chips. 

Pico De Gallo-

Loved the taste.

Little sweet and spicy just the way I like it!


Great flavor and crunch.

Needed a little extra flavor like salsa or some cheese though.

Sea Salt

Liked the flavor.

Not too salty.

Crispy and great for nachos!

Salt and Pepper

Great taste, a little too peppery but works great with a little bit of melted cheese on top!

So yummy!


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