Just Fruit

Gorge Delight Fruit Bars (Just Fruit)

These fruit bars are made with 100% fruit for a healthy snack, providing you with nutrients and vitamins that our body needs.

I love how convenient these snacks are. 

Watching what your family consumes for a snack?

Don't worry!

Just Fruit bars contain no added sugar, no preservatives, gluten free, no hidden ingredients and best of all they provide 2 whole servings of fruit for those picky eaters! 

Tons of flavors to choose from!

Apple Cherry

Was on my way out the door to go to work and quickly threw one in my purse for a healthy snack.

As I started getting hungry I grabbed the bar from my bag and peeled off the wrapper.

You know how when you open a wrapper and you can just smell the freshness and just know that it's going to taste good?

First bite I was hooked!

Here is why.

It was just what I needed for a healthy snack.


tasted great.

tasted just like an unhealthy fruity snack too!

Honestly to tell you the truth I don't miss unhealthy snacks anymore at all!

Apple Blueberry 

Love the sweet and tangy taste of Just Fruit's Apple Blueberry bar.

The right amount of fruit and not too much sugar at all like some other bars.

Apple Raspberry

I love the tangy and sweetness of the fruit.

Great snack for anytime of the day!


light fruity and delicious, not too sweet at all!

Pear Strawberry-

So good and fruity. 

Loved the taste and the way it filled me up till lunch time.

Pear Cranberry-

Amazing taste!

I can taste the tartness of the cranberries and the deliciousness of the pear baked right in!


I loved the taste, it was sweet and not bitter like some apple products are. 

Great sweetness and fruity texture!

Pear Blueberry-

smells and tastes amazing!! 

Not too sweet and was just the right snack to get me through the day!

Whether you are a healthy eater or have kids that are picky eaters and don't eat fruit, check this company out!

Little ones won't be disappointed! 

You can find them on:


  1. Sounds really yummy! I'd probably love the cherry!

  2. Mmm no preservatives or junk in them, now that sounds like my kind of snack. I'm trying to eat healthier. Gotta see if NYC Whole Foods or Trader Joe's carry them. Thanks for the review!

  3. Avon Shay they are so good and I am pretty sure that Whole Foods carries them!

  4. Hi Kelli, thanks for the great review of our JustFruit bars. Our bars are primarily available in stores in the Pacific Northwest at this time. We are making some progress into California & other parts of the country including the New York area but for most shoppers outside our region the easiest way to purchase our bars is via our website, www.justfruitbars.com, or ordering from Amazon.com, who has carried them for several years.

  5. Thank you so much Don! They are amazing! I love how healthy and good they are! They are going to be a part of my everyday routine as well! The taste is phenomenal and I hope others will try them!


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