Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies

First off I have to say I love the packaging that these cookies come in because they stand out like any other brand in their cute little boxes that look like boxes of presents!

 Genius idea! 

Do you have a sweet tooth and looking for a treat that’s not only healthy but tastes great too? 

 These Gluten Free cookies have just that! They are Guilt free as well , how awesome is that?! Craving something sweet and guilt free? 

 They are made with the finest ingredients without any peanuts, tree nuts, milk or eggs. 

Chocolate chip- 
 I was craving something sweet and chocolaty the other night and didn't want to feel guilty afterward. 

 So I grabbed the pouch of Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies with a tall glass of milk and opened the bag up. 

 I reached in and snatched my first cookie and took the very first bite. 

 First thought to myself OH MY GOD! 

 These cookies are amazing! 

 They are sweet, crunchy and really do the trick when your craving something sweet!


I  liked this cookie but wasn't overly impressed with this flavor too much.

It was crunchy, sweet but not too much chocolate flavor.

One of the cookies in the package was crumbled in half already.

Not a problem though since it was eaten anyways.

Ginger Snap-

Wow these Ginger snap cookies are amazing!

They are made with real ginger, a hint of Tabasco sauce and lemon.

The taste of ginger in the cookie really stands out, even on the first bite!

It's sweet, crunchy and a little chewy inside.

These are so yummy and go great with a glass of almond milk!

Sugar Cookie-

Wow amazingly delicious!

You know how a candle or a cookie will smell and remind you of a certain Holiday?

Lucy's Sugar cookies smell like Christmas!

Just the scent of it brings back memories of baking sugar cookies and adding the finishing touches on them with the red and green sprinkles!

The taste is so good and you don't even need to add a thing to it at all, except for maybe a glass of milk of course!

Go ahead try them!

You won't be disappointed.

Oatmeal Cookie-

Made from Tapioca!

Wow, no wonder why it tastes so good!

These cookies are so delicious that they are called the Mona Lisa Simple Perfection.

I loved the sweetness and crunchiness of the cookie.

It was so good that I didn't even miss the icing on this cookie that most brands have.

Cinnamon Thin

These cookies right here are so good!

Each cookie had a sprinkling of Cinnamon on them.

I really liked how you could actually taste the Cinnamon whereas some desserts you can't.

Maple Bliss

All I have got to say is WOW!

This cookie is amazing.

Reminds me of the smell of pancakes baking in the morning when I was a kid.

The aroma of the maple syrup brought back memories.

The flavor is phenomenal and not too sweet.

Lucy's Cookies are great, can't wait to try their other flavors!

You can find them at Whole Foods Market and Shaw’s Or online at these websites here:


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