Coolway knotty girl hairbrush review!

Sometimes ladies our hair can become a tangled mess especially when on a hot summer day with the music bumping loud and the windows rolled down and our hair is out the window whipping around in the wind.

Then you try to brush it out and it gets to be a tangled mess like I'm talking all over the place full of tangles.

How many of you have ever gotten a brush stuck in your hair while brushing it?

It hurts right?! Believe me I've just recently had it happen to me not long ago from a malfunction at the hairdresser and I tried to redo my hair to the way it looked before and it didn't quite work out that way thanks to the hairbrush getting caught! I mean seriously it was stuck to the side of my head I was a hot mess! 

I got it out though whew!

I bet we've all had one of those brushing experiences where we just wanted to scream because it was unpleasant due to the hairbrush getting caught in our hair or even when the hairdresser is blow drying your hair and brushing at the same time and they pull on the hair so hard and your like ouch that's attached to my head like seriously relax with the brush lady!

When my hair starts growing out I tend to pull it back into a pony tail or if it's longer I twist it into a bun to keep it out of my face and eyes especially when summer time hits. 

Thing is though when I do that my hair gets caught in the elastic and it hurts like crazy, between the ripping and pulling just to get it untangled is enough to make me want my hair cut ugh the agony! 

Sometimes I wonder maybe it has to do with the kind of brush I use who knows. 

All of my worries came to an end when I received an email from Coolway hair brush company to do a review on their knotty girl hairbrush.

Which was also good because the brush I recently just bought from the dollar store the handle broke off go figure, so I thought the timing couldn't have been better! 

I seriously couldn't wait to try it out and it just arrived today!

Before I opened the package I snapped a photo of what my hair looked like from being pulled back all day long in a pony tail which was sort of well wild looking due to wind and all.

I jumped in the shower and then after I got comfortable into my pajamas I blow dried my hair just a bit before I ran the brush through it.

I loved how it ran through my hair perfectly not getting tangled, and it didn't offer any pain.

I loved how smooth and silky my hair felt after I used the brush!

Here are some Coolway brush facts:

Adult approved
Child approved
Easy to use
Gives you a relaxing brushing experience 
Silky smooth results 

No more:
Hair pulling
Wasting time
Screaming children
Hair balls
Tangling or knotting 

It also works on all hair types from men, women and children whether your hair is wet or dry.

Leaves hair on your head not on your brush!

Want to try out Coolway knotty girl brush for yourself?

You can order them online over at their website here.

Don't forget to enter the 10% discount code I have right here for you. mycoolway39

Be sure to check out their other products on their website and connect with them on their social media sites below! 







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