Kleenex Brand Believers Crowdtap Sampling!

 I was chosen to sample a Kleenex Brand tissue product through crowdtap recently and I was so excited to see what I would be trying out. 

The Kleenex brand has always been there for me for as long as I can remember when my mom wiped away my tears as a child, when I had a runny/ bloody nose and even for allergies.

So you see Kleenex tissues have become a part of my family because they haven't just been there for the sad stuff but the happy times in life like when my niece and nephew were born, and when he graduated from middle school. 

I couldn't wait for the sample to arrive to see what it was I would be sampling for Crowdtap and the Kleenex Brand.

It couldn't have arrived at a better time because lately every time I turn around I'm sneezing and when using a store brand tissue they tear easily when blowing your nose and then you've got snot hands, ewwww! With Kleenex brand they are strong and and soft on your nose without your nose getting all red and dry from the wiping constantly which is good because when allergies hit you they leave you feeling oh so uncomfortable. 

What I was sent to sample was the new Kleenex To Go pouch which is awesome because it fits into my purse and would be the perfect accessory to a movie that has me in tears such as The Fault In Our Stars. I'm talking about blubbering tears in the movie theater. It's great to have them as backup in my purse rather than a big bulky tissue box that I'd have to carry around everywhere. 

Summer is finally here and you know what that means, allergies start acting up. For those of you who suffer from allergies it's horrible your eyes get all red and itchy, stuffed up nose and can't forget about the non stop sneezing! I mean seriously talk about being uncomfortable, plus to make matters worse you also feel like you can't breathe! Then you blow your nose and nothing comes out, ugh the frustration!

Sure people think you only use tissues for when you have a runny nose or sneezing but you can use them for so much more than that such as to clean off your makeup brushes with them which is a very neat idea because all you do is wipe them off and then your done and you have clean brushes, well until the next time you use them anyway. 

Hope everyone has a great summer, don't forget your Kleenex! 

Thank you Crowdtap and Kleenex!


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