Bitsy's Brainfood review!

Whether your packing up the car for a road trip, picking up the kids from school or after school activities they usually want a snack for the ride and usually it's not always healthy because it's mo convenient. 

Wouldn't you feel good knowing your kids are not only eating a healthy snack made with real ingredients especially when made with fruits and veggies?

Look no further Maggie and Alex two new moms started their company called Bitsy's Brainfood which they believe that healthy minds and bodies are connected so learning to eat smart should be fun.

With that in mind their snacks are packed with all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff.

When I came across their products one day I just had to try them out, well it took quite a long time I'm taking months for them to be delivered but it was totally worth the wait. 

How many of you moms or dads out there have trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables let alone fruit?

Here are some cereal facts:

USDA organic
Non GMO 

Carrot raisin crunch cereal:

One of my all time favorite cereals is raisin bran and this cereal tastes just like it only with shreds of carrots mixed in with plump raisins! This cereal was by far my favorite it was sweet it was crunchy and delicious! 

Banana squash squares cereal:

I love all things banana from banana bread to yogurt! So when this cereal arrived I couldn't wait to try it and it was even more exciting because it's mixed with squash!
I absolutely loved it! Before work the other morning I prepared a yogurt parfait with chopped organic banana and the cereal layered in a glass and it was delightful all the flavors together were so 
delicious! You can even add your favorite milk to the cereal or even use it as a crunchy topping on frozen yogurt! 

Fruit and veggie 1,2,3 cereal:

This cereal wasn't my favorite out of the ones I was sent for review. It tasted like Fruit Loops but with a hint of veggie flavor to it. First you get a taste of fruit then an aftertaste of veggies, it was good but like I said not my favorite. 

I absolutely loved the banana squash cereal and the carrot raisin crunch they were my favorite!

I was also sent their smart cookies for review as well and here are some fun facts about their cookies. 

Baked with real veggies and fruits (Shh don't tell the kids)

Great source of calcium 

Non GMO 

Contains a total of 8 whole grains per serving 

Excellent source of vitamin B 12, B6, D3, A and folic acid 

Excellent source of omega 3 DHA + EPA 

Contains a collectible sticker in every box! 

Sweet potato oatmeal raisin smart cookies:

These cookies wow what can I say absolutely loved them! I love oatmeal cookies and sweet potato but have never tried them together in a cookie and I'm so glad I did because it tastes amazing! Not too sweet just right for the perfect treat!

Orange chocolate beet smart cookies:
Let me tell you if you've never tried chocolate and orange together you should it's a must they go along perfectly together! This cookie was amazing! Gave great crunch with a velvety smooth chocolate flavor with citrus orange and a splash of beet flavor! 

Lemon broccoli smart cookies:
A bit skeptical to try this cookie at first but I thought hey why not try it because I love both lemon and broccoli but never tried them actually together before especially in a baked good. First bite you get a pop of lemon flavor with a background taste of broccoli. Good cookie! 

Zucchini gingerbread carrot smart cookies:
I absolutely love zucchini bread it's moist, delicious and full of flavor but I've never tried cookies that contain zucchini in them so when I saw this flavor it peeked my interest. I also love gingerbread and carrots so I couldn't wait to try out these cookies!  I try everything though because you don't know you like something until you try it am I right?! The cookie had a great amount of flavor in every bite with it's zing from the ginger it was pure heaven! 

Check them out on their website and connect with them on their social media sites below! 

You can find Bitsy's Brain food products at these local retailers and online as well:

Whole foods
Shop rite
Wild nature
Abe's market
Relay foods
Fresh direct




Bitsy's Brainfood sent me cookies and cereal for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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