Earth Science Naturals Review!

Kenneth Grand founder of Earth Science Naturals for over thirty years has made a substantial amount of products ranging from hair care to body and much more that are made with all natural ingredients.

I've seen their products on shelves in the market before and just had to check them out!

It's been a tough long winter and it's done a number on my skin and hair as well. 

For my review I was sent the multi therapy sun defense lotion and the olive and avocado deep conditioning hair mask. 

Which to me is great because of my dry skin.

I know what your thinking wait it's a suntan lotion ?

Well it's not just a suntan lotion it's got moisturizer in it as well to make your skin feel silky smooth! 

Here's my thoughts on each product!

Multi therapy daily sun defense lotion: 

I couldn't have received this product for review at a better time because well everyone summer is finally here and you know what that means time for the beach! I don't know about you but when I'm out in the sun for any length of time I turn bright red I'm talking lobster red! Not only is this lotion a sun tan lotion it's also a moisturizer which is great as well because I have dry skin. You can even put it on your face as well which is great! 
I am so glad I applied it before going out because if not I would have gotten a lot more sun than I did. Looking a little sunburned but not too much thanks to my defense lotion that I love! It was close to 90 degrees yesterday and mom and I had gone shopping after I went to the gym then had some delicious lunch. 

•Helps prevent suntan lotion (make sure you apply liberally 15 minutes before exposure to sun)
•Helps prevent premature aging 
•softens skin and leaves a subtle scent 

Olive and avocado deep conditioning hair mask:

Whether it's from the weather or a number of things our hair tends to get dried out which is so not pretty and it can be tough to deal with when your trying to style it for a hot date nothing seems to go right with it. You wet it just a bit and brush and apply hair spray etc. and then before you know it your hair is a big frizz ball from the wind blowing your hair around and what happens when you try to take your hair tie out of your head ? Hello breakage! It happens to me a lot and its so not fun ouch! With this deep conditioning hair mask  repairs colored, dry or damaged hair by penetrating it with natural silk protein to nourish and strengthen your hair from root to tip. Say goodbye to dry damaged hair and hello to silky smooth sexy hair! 
What I loved about this conditioner hair mask is after shampooing all you do is rub it into your scalp after shampooing and leave in for five minutes then rinse and brush and style your hair simple as that! 

•Free of tangles
•smoothes hair 
•Doesn't weigh hair down
•gluten free
•not sticky when applying 
Makes your hair Smell amazing 

They've got a ton of other products as well so check them out on their site and connect with them on their social media sites as well ! 

I absolutely loved these products I was sent for this review they didn't have a funky chemical odor at all that some products do and I would love to try out their other products as well! 






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