Royal Hawaiian orchards review!

Royal Hawaiian orchards macadamia nut company began with the growing of macadamia nuts in 1948 then progressed in the 1960s bringing health, wealth and aloha to all!

Over at Royal Hawaiian they believe in finding balance in this fast pace world we live in today. 

Honoring qualities like simplicity and balance.

Respecting the nature that provides the food that we consume.

And also the sharing of joyful sharing of life with your community and family.

Live long: 
Living a long healthy life starts off with eating a well balanced diet such as foods that are good for us that are all natural. 

Live well:
Reflects in the heart of the Hawaiian culture, striving to find balance in the hustle and bustle of life and the most important meals are those shared with friends and family. 

Live aloha:
The term aloha means more than goodbye or hello it also means compassion, grace, kindness and affection. It stands for the Hawaiian value of patience, tenderness and unity through harmony. Hawaiians live by the spirit of preserving the beauty of nature, caring for the community and loving family. 

One of my favorite go to snacks growing up was popcorn especially when mixed with nuts and caramel! 

Haven't you ever tried the popular popcorn crunch n munch?! Seriously the best popcorn ever mixed with peanuts so good and make for the perfect movie time snack!

When I came across Royal Hawaiian orchards online I just had to try them because they are the perfect bite sized snack and come in many flavors and also sounded so delicious especially when mixed with fruit and macadamia nuts! 

Here are some Crunchy nutty facts:

Cholesterol free
Sulfate free
Wheat free
Gluten free
GMO free
Soy free
Made with real ingredients nothing artificial 

I was sent their fruit and macadamia crunches for review and here are the flavors I received to sample! 

Blueberry pomegranate macadamia crunch:

Had a sweet and nutty twist to this tasty little delicacy.

Mango pineapple macadamia crunch:

These clusters were amazing I'm talking about crunch and sweetness! The pineapple you could taste right away as soon as you bit into it which I loved being that it's my favorite fruit with a light sweet taste of mango along with crunchy nuts! 

Sweet banana nut macadamia crunch:

Sweet bananas mixed with crunchy almonds and roasted cashews along with macadamia nuts 

Kona coffee banana macadamia crunch:

Mellow taste of Kona coffee from the coffee beans that are in each bite sized cluster, with the sweetness from the bananas along with crunchy macadamia nuts and almonds

Other fruity flavors include:
Passion fruit orange guava
Papaya lime
Papaya banana 

Savory flavors are:
Sweet Maui onion 
Hawaiian BBQ
Sea salt
Sea salt and cracked pepper
Wasabi soy

Royal Hawaiian orchards company sent me their snacks for review,however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

If you'd like to see where you can buy them in stores check out their website and be sure to connect with them on their social media sites below! 

Until next time everyone live aloha! 





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