Teeccino herbal coffee review and giveaway!

 Teeccino caffe was founded by Caroline MacDougall in 1994 and began selling their herbal coffees on shelves in stores in 1995. Did you know that Teeccino coffee is actually the top selling coffee alternative? They are sold in 19 delicious flavors whether in tea bag form or loose coffee grounds. 

You can find it at your local health food store and grocery stores across the USA and it's also exported to Japan, Canada, Australia and the UK.

 I'm a huge coffee fan and I've came across their products in stores and was sort of skeptical at first being that their herbal coffees and I'm not much of a tea drinker but when I saw all their delicious flavors I had to try them.

 I was sent a sampler pack of their products for review and couldn't wait to try them out especially the herbal coffee. I've been drinking them for awhile now and they so do not at all taste tea like they are smooth, creamy and delicious, it's like drinking coffee at an expensive noisy coffeehouse but only in the comfort of your home. 

 Herbal coffee-


Creamy and nutty with amazing hazelnut flavor best I've ever had! 

 Dandelion caramel nut coffee: 
At first I was sort of skeptical to try this blend because when I think of dandelions I think of them scattered all over the lawn and I've never actually consumed them before I mean I know you can use flowers and all for decoration but it just sounds weird to actually eat or drink them, but this was amazing I liked how your get the taste of nutty creamy caramel in the back of your throat! It's so delicious you've got to try it!

 Dandelion dark roast: 

Great tasting coffee it sure was different to try but I loved it! Hazelnut: Perfectly nutty flavor in every sip! 

 Chocolate Herbal coffee :
 I'm not much of a tea person but when it comes to coffee I'm sold! This coffee right here was amazing gave great chocolate flavor with a touch of heat added in! 

 Herbal coffee alternatives: 

 Medium roast Vanilla nut: 
Made from organic barley, organic chicory, almonds, dates, organic carob, organic figs, natural nut flavor and natural vanilla extract making this coffee sweet, delicious and phenomenal. I decided instead of drinking a hot coffee this time around making some brewed iced coffee since it's starting to get warmer outside I needed a nice cold drink to cool me down and iced coffee is the way to go! I started off first brewing it in my Keurig with the solo fill cup which is a cup that you can put bagged 
coffee in when you want a steaming hot cup of coffee but are out of your k cups and the best part it's refillable. I love this flavor of coffee it was sweet but not too sweet and went along great with a bit of some organic sugar and some vanilla almond milk to lighten it up just a bit! 

 Brews 6 cups 

 French roast dark roast: 

Made with organic barley, organic carob, organic chicory, natural coffee flavor and organic Ramon seeds. Intense coffee flavor in each sip!

 In 2013 Teechia oatmeal launched which is a high performance oatmeal giving you energy to start your day off right!

I absolutely love oatmeal because it's a quick and easy breakfast that's filling and you can add fresh cut fruit to it, yogurt and more the possibilities are endless. Teeccino sent me samples of their oatmeals to try out for this review as well and I couldn't wait to try them out being that I love having oatmeal for breakfast. I tend to make mine the night before and let it sit in the fridge overnight also known as overnight oats! They are so good but sometimes you don't want to do all the measuring you want something that's already measured and convenient for when your at the office and the hunger 
pangs start kicking in or after an intense workout. 

 Cranberry apple: 

This concoction is made with chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth, ramón & pumpkin, with gluten-free rolled oats, cranberries, apples, dates and almonds. After my workout from the gym the other day I needed something to refuel me so I grabbed out the oats and a bowl and poured in some boiling water and popped it into the microwave for a quick snack. I wasn't too fond of this flavor being that to me it tasted sweeter than expected but it was still good. 

 Blueberry Date: 

What can I say about this delightful oatmeal?! It was fantastic! Juicy blueberries mixed with quinoa, flax, amaranth, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, Ramon and dates that keeps you full longer without feeling sluggish. I mixed it with some frozen organic blueberries on top with a drizzle or organic blueberry yogurt and it was creamy and delicious! 

 Good luck and be sure to check them out on the website and also connect with them on their social media sites which are listed below! 

 One winner will receive a 10 VIP Sampler consisting of the Teechia oatmeal and herbal coffee as well! 






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  1. i would love to enter! when does the giveaway start?

    1. Starts at midnight tonight!! Good luck !!

  2. Coffee is great for on the run!

  3. I like to have my first cup of coffee or tea in the morning on my back deck. Mornings are so peaceful at my home and I love to watch nature as I wake up. It is the perfect start to the day :)

    1. Your right Kelly sipping on coffee is a great start to the morning!


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