SweetNlow crowdtap sampling party!

Summer has finally arrived and you know what that means right? Not just the warm weather but it's time to fire up the grill and cook some tasty foods but that's not all there is to summer! You can't have a BBQ without some drinks! What better way to celebrate the start of Summer than with being selected from Crowdtap for the SweetNLow sampling party! 

For those of you who don't know what SweetNLow is it's a sugar substitute that you can put in your tea or coffee and even fruity drinks such as these recipes that I made that came with the party pack! 

Being that I don't drink alcohol because I choose not to I decided to make these tasty summer drink recipes that I've received from the SweetNlow party pack from Crowdtap.

I was amazed at how easy these drinks were to make even though you had to make juice from squeezing oranges and limes, I have to admit I've never done that before I've always used to make juices from the can at the grocery store you know the freezer kind that has all the unwanted sugars in them and such. 

Light and sassy party punch:

This party punch was so easy to make! I loved how it didn't have much of a bite from the club soda, it was fruity from all the juices mixed together and was a hit! 

This sure is a delicious drink to serve up at any party your guests will be asking you for the recipe! 

Strawberry Granita Freeze:

Sure I make smoothies all the time but never like this! It was like eating a sour patch kid only in drink form! The strawberries gave it a nice sweetness while the juice from the limes gave it a little bit of a pucker to it! All you do is blend a bag of frozen strawberries, add 2 cups of water, some lime juice 
from fresh limes, add your SweetNlow packets about 16 to be precise all blend away! Then to garnish the glass to serve your guests make an incision in the strawberry and put on the edge of the glass. You can also do the same thing with the lime too so your guests will have an idea of what they are drinking. It's light and refreshing and goes great with any meal ! 

It went along perfectly with brunch which was coconut blueberry muffins 

 The best ever scrambled eggs with tomato, spinach, scallions and cottage cheese! 

Plain old scrambled eggs and cheese

 Fruit kabobs 

Sunny citrus soda:

When life gives you fruit make citrus soda! 
This drink has summer written all over it! Although it takes awhile to make what with all the squeezing of the oranges, lemons, limes adding in the SweetNlow and stirring in the club soda, it's totally worth it! Perfect drink for those hot summer days and perfect to bring to the beach or serve up at a pool party! 

Goes along perfectly with this fruity salad which is pictured above it's got organic spinach, oranges, strawberries, cranberries, red grapes and goat cheese in it it's super yummy and the perfect dinner or lunch! 
Thanks to Corner Bakery for making me hooked on it! It's by far the best salad I've ever ate so I recreated it at home ever since I had it the first time minus the sweet crisp bread of course! I thought this drink would he the perfect addition to the salad and it was, it was fruity, delicious and thirst quenching! 

With these simple drinks you will please a crowd at your next party that's how good they were and they are so easy to make! 

I was so excited to have been picked for this sample share and had a lot of fun making these drink recipes, thank you so much Crowdtap! 


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