Summertime clean care with Cottonelle and Crowdtap !

With the heat reaching it's all time high in the summer time means long road trips and packing up the car to go to the beach with the family.

Being in the car for a long time gets to be uncomfortable from sitting for a long period of time, like seriously your butt feels numb lol. 

Sorry I just had say that it's so true! 

What's even more uncomfortable is when you've been drinking coffee, water, tea or soda and you get the urge to use the potty and there's no rest room in sight until you reach an old looking gas station that you swear you once saw in a horror movie before, not to mention your totally freaked at the sigh of the place but really have to pee bad so you quickly walk into use the restroom to do your business and when you finish going you find out there's no toilet paper, mental head slap! 

Oh no what to do?! 

Times like this you'd be wishing you had packed Cottonelle fresh care flush able wet wipes to get the job done! 

I get to experience Summer time clean with Cottonelle thanks to crowdtap! 

In my kit I received was a four pack of Cottonelle toilet paper, a Cottonelle flush able and a cleansing cloths dispenser.

To share with two friends the kit also contained some coupons and wet wipes flush able soft packs! 

I chose to share my samples and the coupons with my family pictured above is my niece, can you see her excitement?! 

With the portable soft packs you don't have to worry because they fit in anything imaginable such as a diaper bag and even your purse. 

They are soft to the touch and don't rip when using which is great leaving you with a clean bottom. 

I love how the dispenser is refillable so when you run out of wipes all you have to do is just purchase more and refill! 

They come in handy as well at the beach when the kids get all sandy and you don't have time to wash them off.

Don't be embarrassed it's happened to us all at some point whether from swimming or laying on the beach catching some rays, I'm talking about the sand that goes in crevices of our bodies that make it uncomfortable, these wipes are great for that! 

You don't just have to use the wipes for bathroom uses you can use them for a number of things from wiping sticky hands from juice and snacks at the beach. 

They also are great for when you use the public restroom at local stores and such to wipe down the seat before you use the potty can't be too careful of germs! 

What I love about the toilet paper is that it doesn't feel like your wiping your bum with sand paper and it's nice and soft and with the wipes it makes for a cleaner behind as well! 

What I don't like though is that if you use too much it clogs your toilet because it's softer than your average toilet paper which is a huge mistake! Ahh talk about water everywhere! 

At least your bum is clean though!

Thank you so much Crowdtap for the summertime clean experience with Cottonelle ! 

Find out where you can purchase Cottonelle products in stores near you on their website!

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