Coffee Blenders Review !

What makes Coffee Blenders different from the other leading coffee brands is that their made from 100% arabica beans which is cultivated in soil in South American mountain ranges from and they work with experienced sommeliers which are coffee experts that understand the coffee origin, compositions and flavors . 

Best of all their unique coffee blends are made with love for coffee lovers to enjoy as well as people who have a discerning palette. 

  The coffee is then slow roasted which allows the coffee beans to maintain their natural flavors.

With each sip of this delicious coffee it delivers health benefits to the mind, body and spirit.

Guaranteed your cup of coffee will never be the same! 

I was sent samples of Coffee Blenders coffee for my Keurig for review and being a coffee fanatic I couldn't wait to try them, especially with all the hot weather lately it's my go to drink when I need to cool off! 


Contains 400mg of svetol which is an all natural green coffee bean extract that's been linked to help in weight loss. I prepared my coffee the night before so when I woke up it was nice and cold!  I added a bit of caramel extract to it to give it a little bit of flavor along with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it was just what I needed to start my morning before I was off to work! 

your probably wondering why is the coffee called focus right?  It boosts cognitive function containing 200 mg of Cereboost which is an all natural fast acting derivative from American Ginseng clinically proven to improve concentration as well as short- and long-term memory. I had the perfect recipe in mind to give me a boost in the morning before heading off to work which was this recipe I came across  on Pinterest which is a coffee smoothie and I just had to try it being that I've never made one before and I thought hey why not I like all things that were in this yummy concoction which includes a cup cooled brewed coffee, a frozen banana, tablespoon of creamy peanut butter which I used pb2 which worked perfectly, a half cup of chocolate milk and ice! It's the perfect drink when your craving something sweet or in a hurry in the morning and don't have time to cook breakfast this is easy and takes little time to blend up! Did I say it's amazing!?


Being swamped at work leaving you feel a bit stressed? With Coffee Blenders escape blend contains a full serving of L Tea active which is an all natural and safe amino acid found in green tea leaves which is proven to lessen occasional or minor stress without feeling sluggish and tired!
This coffee is great for a mid day pick me up when your feeling tired and need a boost! I love iced coffee but every once in awhile I'll have a nice hot steaming cup of coffee with a bit of sugar some almond milk and a hint of vanilla agave it's sweet but not too sweet and is just what I need mid day! 

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