Buff Bakery Cinnamon raisin peanut butter review !

Meet cousins Brittany and Ashley founders of Buff Bakery

Ashley has a passion for living healthy and sting clean. Her lifestyle lead her to whip up delicious tasty satisfying pre and post workout snacks that we're not only healthy but delicious as well.

Brittany's passion started in the kitchen at a young age where she cooked for her family, as many people do she began craving foods that weren't healthy, so she got busy in the kitchen working on recipes that were made with nutrients and guilt free! 

Not long after that Buff Bakery rocked the nation!

Two years ago I decided to change my life around and really get serious about losing weight. 

I joined a gym and began working out a lot and cut back on a lot of the unhealthy foods as well.

I couldn't be more happy where I'm at today and don't know where I would be if I hadn't made those choices. 

It's not easy though at times I have cravings for foods that aren't healthy for me so I make my own snacks and the cravings are solved! 

When I came across Buff Bake I knew I had to try out their products being that their made with healthy and packed with protein making them a great post workout recovery snack! 

Here's a little info below:

Paleo friendly 
Packed with protein (15 grams)
Low in sugar
Gluten free
Low carb 

Made with roasted peanuts, chia seeds, vanilla whey protein, hemp seeds, organic coconut palm sugar, cinnamon, raisins, vanilla extract and flax seeds.

This peanut butter is not only delicious it's nutritious too and goes great on anything!

On a bagel
On toast
Smeared on English muffin
On waffles or pancakes 
In oatmeal
In a smoothie 
Homemade banana ice cream to give a lightly sweet cinnamon flavor 
With a banana
On celery
On apples 

And more! 

Other peanut butter flavors:

Cranberry coconut
Snicker doodle
chocolate chip 

Not that I don't love this peanut butter because I do, I've tried other cinnamon raisin peanut butters so to me it's nothing new and exciting. Have to admit I was a bit disappointed because I would have loved to sample a bit of both of the peanut butter and the muffins. 

They also have muffins or as they call them buffins! 

Buffin flavors:

Vanilla blueberry
Strawberry shortcake
Chocolate chip
Snicker doodle 







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