Defense Soap Review !

Defense soap is the largest ever natural soap company that's used for preventing skin infections as well as promoting a healthier alternative for our skin.

Over at Defense soap they feel strongly about their products and promote the benefits of the natural ingredients that are in their soap that prevent skin infections when engaging in contact sports.

So here it goes.

I'm always on the go from the minute I wake up I'm the morning I eat breakfast and out the door to the gym for my morning workout and then I'm off to work leaving no time to run home for a shower. 

So I go to work in sweaty clothing not even thinking about it and I sweat more because my job is physical I move around a lot all day.

By the time I get home I eat dinner go for a walk and then relax a bit before I know it it's getting late so it's time to shower. 

Last year I noticed changes in my skin which weren't that good due to sweating and not showering right away or even changing clothes after working out. 

I was worried when I noticed a lump under my armpit that was painful so I had it checked out by a doctor and she had told me it wasn't anything to worry about that it was just a bacteria and I should get an anti fungal cream to help make it go away.

So I went to my local cvs and bought some anti fungal cream.

Think of a yeast infection but on your skin and it's itchy and all red and sore it was horrible!

I also have to blow dry my clothing when I am not able to shower.

Thing is it gets costly buying it at the pharmacy all the time when I run out and another thing that makes me it made with safe ingredients? Don't you think it should be when it's supposed to cure something like athletes foot?

When I came across Defense Soap company I just had to try out their products because their made with safe ingredients that you don't have trouble pronouncing when reading the labels.

I was sent some products from Defense soap company for review and couldn't wait to try them! 

I mean who gets excited about body products?!

Slowly raises hand..This lady right here!

Ok so what's Defense soap?

Defense soap is an all natural anti fungal soap that's used for:

Athletes foot
Jock itch
and ringworm

What does Defense soap do?

It removes the bacteria or fungus that targets healthy skin without deteriorating the skins natural immunological defenses.

Used by:

Combat athletes

They rave about it and consider it to be the best soap to help with their problems.

Their products help relieve


Made with:
Eucalyptus oil
Tea tree oil

The oils help control:

Staph infection
Athletes foot
And jock itch

Also helps with recurring outbreaks 

Defense soap:

Does your skin ever feel dry after you lather up with your soap in the shower? This soap right here doesn't do that at all nor does it make your skin all itchy. 

Shower gel:

I like that this shower gel doesn't have any weird chemicals in it and you can even use it as a shave gel as well. 

Essential oils:

Great at treating skin infections with protection from viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Healing Salve:
Knocks out herpes and ringworm almost instantly when used with the essential oils but you may notice dry skin. You can also use the healing salve to help with burns, scrapes and small scratches you may get from practice such as football, hockey and another contact sports.

Body wipes:

 not enough time to go home and shower after your hot and sweaty workout session in the gym? Defense soap body wipes sure do come in handy all you have to do is keep them in your gym bag and wash off with them and change out of your gym clothing to go off to work or wherever your going and your good to go! 

They also carry these products as well:

Defense equipment spray to rid your sports equipment such as gym bags and mats of any dirt and grime that could be harmful to us.

Defense super shield laundry detergent you can throw in with your regular wash and you will notice that your laundry doesn't smell bad anymore like mildew and sweat especially in your towels and clothing.

The whizzer mat cleaner kills germs on contact and is used on mats for gyms like in school for wrestling, locker rooms, hospitals and more.

Defense sole cleaner helps promote a healthy environment in the gym or wrestling room by cleaning the bottom of your shoes when you enter by simply stepping on the mat. What's good about this is it's portable and you can take it anywhere imaginable with you.

The ultimate foot cleaning station is a tub for your feet with a sturdy scrubbing surface that contains a super absorbent towel that's made up of soft microfiber fabrics. 

Check them out online over at the website listed below!

Also connect with them on their social media sites! 





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