Meal Measure Review !

Wife, mother of 3 children and former lunch room attendant Patty Cocchiarella designed Meal Measure which is a plate used for portion control whether you use it for weight loss or diabetes or for even eating healthy.

Did you know that many hospitals, clinics and stores around the country are selling this It cool product and it's been featured on the Today Show and is a 3x Editor's Pick on now how awesome is that?!

It's also used in many healthcare facilities for health and wellness programs around the country whether for weight loss challenges at clinics used by dietitians and nutritionists to help you get on the right track.

As I was growing up one thing I never thought about was portion control when it came to food.

You go to restaurants and they just serve you these plate piled high with food and we feel the need to eat it all.

Thank god for takeout containers in restaurants though to save half of your meal for later or even the next day.

When I started with my weight loss journey two years ago I portioned out my food pretty much all of the time and it has gotten me pretty awesome weight loss results that I'm completely proud of!

At times though it can be hectic with the counting out the serving size of such foods such as crackers, cookies and the measuring for oats, milk and what not!

You've got a counter full of the ingredients you need to prep your meal and your pouring contents into a measuring cup and the dog is barking in the background, the baby attached to your hip is screaming for a bottle and your toddler is grabbing at your leg wanting cookies and before you know it all of your ingredients are on the floor! Oh no big mess to clean up!

What if I told you there's a product that's hassle free and very easy to use? With meal measure all you do is simply grab a big plate and then put on the meal measure plate on top of it and then fill up your meal measure to either the half way mark which is a half cup or fill it to the top which is a cup which is used for fruits or veggies. the biggest portion segment is for your protein such as turkey, chicken or fish etc which is equal to a deck of cards.

I came across meal measure online and just had to try this product out!

Using meal measure is truly an eye opener to me by seeing what we should be eating when it comes to portions.

Here are some meals that I've prepared with my meal measure tool!

Not only do you have a measurement for protein, vegetables and fruit but one for starches as well such we corn and potatoes.

Here are some facts about meal measure:

1. Compatible with most portioned controlled diets
2. Fits most dinner plates
3.each portion equals to one cup at the top, being a half cup on the line inside rack dishwasher safe
5. Protein portion equal to the size of a deck of cards with a thickness guideline

Directions for use:

1. Make sure you wash the meal measure plate before using
2. Then set meal measure on plate of your choosing
3.fill portions based on your diet
4.then lift meal measure off plate and your food will then be in the correct portions of your liking

Not used for liquids and not a toy for children.

When you plate your food using meal measure you can take it off showing a perfect sized portion of your meal!

I only received meal measure a few days ago and have used it twice already and can't wait to measure out more meals with it!

Rethinking your food portions?

Check them out on their website and order one for only $12.98 which is a great price!



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