McCormick Grillin' with Crowdtap !

It's summertime and you know what that means everybody, it's time to toast one another and celebrate life with good people and most importantly good food! 

What better way than to celebrate the start of summer than with McCormick grill mates party! 

Not to mention fireworks as an added bonus with delicious food ! 

That's right I was selected for the McCormick grill mates party from Crowdtap and I couldn't be more honored to host this party to kickoff summer! I absolutely love summer the weather is nice and you don't have to worry about shoveling snow and you get to go camping, go to the beach, go,on vacation and oh oh can't forget the food that's the best part especially when it's grilled because its bone sucking lip smacking good!

It would have been great to have the McCormick cookout on the Fourth of July because it was my moms birthday but with the storm it was not a good idea! I'm so glad we waited though because it gave us just enough time to go to the food store to get some much needed essentials and also gave us time to decorate with all the fabulous patriotic stuff I found at my local dollar store! 

Can you tell, I'm all about themes?! 

I just love digging through stuff in the house to see what I can come up with to throw together for a theme and it helps to look in stores as well! Something old something new! 

I bet your wondering what I cooked up so let's get to the food shall we! 

The spices and marinades listed below along with

the apron I'm wearing is what I received in the box along with some tasty recipes! 

Smoky Applewood marinade:

I don't think I've ever tried a burger on the grill before that tasted this good! I mean wow talk about bursting with flavor! To me it tasted a bit like sausage and it made for the perfect dinner along with some carrot sticks, celery and cucumbers with some ranch dressing! 

Smokin Sweet tea:

Being that I don't like the popular drink sweet tea I was a bit skeptical to try it on meat but I'm so glad I did because it gave the chicken drumsticks greatflavor, they were moist and juicy! 

Montreal steak sauce and seasoning:

Steak and potato lovers I'm telling you that your going to love this recipe! The smokiness from the seasoning compliments the sauce on a nice thick juicy to one steak alongside a serving of grilled potatoes smothered in seasoning ! 

Mushroom burger seasoning:

I loved the taste of the seasoning on the burger it was amazing and wasn't overpowering and I didn't even need cheese on it instead I spooned on some guacamole and salsa which went along perfectly with a baked potato! 

Classic Burger seasoning:
Gives the burger great taste without overpowering the meat ! 

Memphis pit BBQ rub:
I was a bit skeptical being that I've never grilled spare ribs before, the closest thing I've gotten to spare ribs is the kind that they serve you at your local Chinese food restaurant with that juicy stick to your ribs sauce! Let me tell you I'm so glad I grilled this bad boy on the grill because it was so meaty, juicy and full of flavor ! I would definitely make it again! 

Tennessee smokehouse BBQ rub:

Gave the chicken great flavor some of the best barbecued chicken I've ever had ! 

Chipotle and roasted garlic seasoning:
Like a little bit of heat added to your food ? Then this seasoning is for you! Great smoky flavor with a hint of garlic goes along way! 

Worcestershire pub burger seasoning:
Never had a burger as tasty and full of flavor as this one ! 

Thank you so much crowdtap, my mom and I enjoyed grilling these meals to kick off the summer along with you and GrillMates ! 

Hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July! 

You didn't think I would forget dessert now do you? 

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