Big Slice Apples new flavors review!

A few months ago I had the honor of trying out Grandma Hoerner's Big Slice Apple pouches for a review and also hosted a giveaway for my readers of Losing Weight to enter to win their very own apple pouches. 

Let me tell you they are the most delicious on the go snacks ever!

It's like an apple sauce but with chunks of fruit throughout each bite!

You can either eat them out of the pouch for an on the go snack or:

On yogurt
Mixed in some hot oatmeal
Topped on pancakes or waffles
On frozen yogurt
In cottage cheese

Big Slice facts:
Shelf stable
Naturally gluten and fat free
Authentic heritage recipe
Most are under 100 calories 

I recently received a surprise package from Big Slice Apples of their two new flavors to try out and couldn't wait to tear them open and eat them!

Banana mango and hemp seed:

What do I have to say about this one other than the fact that it was full of flavor and went along great with vanilla bean yogurt oh my god was it tasty! 

Blueberry pomegranate:

Sweet and tart meet in this delicious apple pouch of juicy blueberries and pomegranate. I mixed this one in with some organic French vanilla yogurt for breakfast this morning topped off with some about time cinnamon clusters granola and it was divine and was the perfect start to my morning!

Look for them at your local Super Target July 26th demoing their two new delicious fruity flavors. Big Slice will be on sale BOGO at all Target retailers during this time and their two new flavors will be 2 for $2 awesome sauce!! They normally go for $2.49 a pouch! So what are you waiting for?! Head to Target today and stock up on these tasty snacks! 

Also connect with them on their social networking sites and see where they sell them close to you!







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