Quest Nutrition Review !

Losing weight is not easy believe me when I tell you and the food made for weight loss doesn't taste all that great at all but with Quest Nutrition their products are nutritious and taste great while keeping you on track so cheat clean today with Quest!

I've reviewed Quest Nutrition products in the past and was super psyched when I was able to review some more protein bars !

They also sent me along their pastas that I couldn't wait to whip up for a guilt free, delicious and satisfying dinner.

So let me tell you about their pastas. Now if you've ever watched hungry girl you know that she makes the delicious fettucini Alfredo called hungry girl fredo and it's super creamy and delicious without all of the extra added fat! She uses these noodles that you can find in your local grocery store that's stored in a bag with water called shiritake noodles, sounds pretty weird I know but they are guilt free and you can add whatever your culinary heart desires to them such as shredded cheese, sauce, pesto, and much more! Anyway the Quest pasta is just like the noodles I just described.

Here is what I whipped up for each pasta dish!

Spinach fettucini pasta:

I have always loved fettucini Alfredo that cheesy sauce is just so tasty and goes along perfectly with some chicken or even vegetables but let's face it it's not at all healthy with all of the cream and such that goes into it. With This pasta from Quest I can eat it without all of the added calories and added fat and best of all I get to control what goes into it. So I added in some broccoli and some mozzarella shreds and heated it up and it was the perfect side for my dinner which was some spare ribs and tomatoes.

Quest Spaghetti:

This spaghetti is amazing and you can add sauce or anything you like on your pasta such as clams, meatballs and much more!

I absolutely love their protein bars because they contain a whopping 20 grams of protein which is perfect for chomping on after an intense workout and it tastes just like a dessert but without all the added sugar, fat and calories added to it.

Did you know that you can actually turn your quest bars into a dessert?

I'm talking about cookies and much more!

Cookies and cream protein bar:
Look at that chunk action going on! 😛

Have you ever had a cookies and cream milkshake ?! My oh my they are good but so not healthy! This bar right here is packed with protein which is great to munch on after your workout at the gym! It is creamy, delicious and totally cured my craving for some frozen yogurt that I've been dying for lately with all this hot weather!

Double chocolate chunk protein bar:

Can't you tell I worked up a sweat while working out? Time to recover with this delicious double chocolate chunk bar !

Check them out on their website and see where their products are sold!






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