WB Kitchen Review !

It all began with creator and founder of WB kitchen Chris Feuille and his wife Anna in 2012. Chris has a passion for whipping up new recipes in the kitchen, thumbs through finances and creating spreadsheets and enjoys whenever a challenge comes his way. 

WB Kitchen is evolving constantly and Chris feels strongly that in order to run a successful business reasoning, intuition and making decisions based upon facts is what it takes to make your business successful. 

Chris has one goal in mind and that is to impact entrepreneurs and foodies all over.

WB Kitchen doesn't just offer treats that are sweetened with all natural honey but offers a piece of mind. 

You see as humans our choices for food happen to reflect the level of conscious awareness that we bring into our lives such as choosing to nourish our bodies with harmonious and real foods that bring us more balance not only with our planet but community too. Have you ever noticed that if you eat the healthy foods that Mother Nature intended will make us feel not only happy and vibrant but healthy too? 

WB Kitchen believes in real food for real people which has lead them to their handmade honey sweets that are made with all natural ingredients and Colorado honey. 

Their honey sweets are made with no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives.

I came across WB Kitchen through Instagram and their products sounded so 
delicious and I just had to try them! 

I was then sent a box of WB Kitchen products to facilitate my review in exchange for my honest opinions, however yours may differ. 

Here are the sweets that WB Kitchen sent me for review ! 


Honey Nut:

When I first took a bite of this bar I fell in love. It reminded me of my most favorite cereal as a child honey nut Cheerios! The taste of the honey was just right it was 
sweetened perfectly with that wholesome nutty taste.

Peanut ginger spice:

I was a bit skeptical about this bar at first I've tried products with ginger before and it was 
overpowering but this bar wasn't at all it was flavored perfectly with the ginger 
and spices ! I chopped up pieces of the bar and put on top of some organic vanilla yogurt with a couple of raisins for a light breakfast it was just what I needed to start the day! Sugar and spice and everything nice! 

Chocolate chocolate chip:

I loved the chocolaty taste of this bar and the bit of a crunch that it offered from the 
walnuts,pecans, almonds and cacao nibs. 


Brownie honey cookies:

I loved that these delicious brownie cookies were sweet but not too sweet, loved that they offered a bit of a crunch from the walnuts and cacao nibs they made the perfect 
bite sized treat for the movies!

Coconut shortbread honey cookies:

Being a shortbread cookie I thought it was going to be crumbly and dry but it wasn't it was moist, sweet and delicious loved the sweetness of the honey and flakes of coconut in each bite! 

Peanut butter honey cookies:

What's not to love when you've got peanut butter? Best of both worlds when you bite into this moist cookie with creamy peanut butter and a touch of honey! 

Cinnamon raisin honey cookies:

These cookies were amazingly delicious it tasted just like a freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookie sprinkled with cinnamon and a touch of honey! It was the perfect little treat to go with my lunch! 

Maple pecan honey cookies:

These cookies were sweetened perfectly with maple they were the perfect after dinnertime treat with a glass of almond milk. 






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