#SeedsofChangeFood Smiley360 mission

Seedsofchange  began in 1989 to produce organically grown seeds to farmers and gardeners all while being able to preserve numerous seed varieties to boot in danger of being lost to the so called advances of modern industrial agriculture. 

While it still holds true to this day Seedsofchange has yet evolved and is a producer of certified organic foods. 

Their line of certified organic simmer sauces and rice and grain blends were concocted with the belief that sustainability and great taste go hand in hand. 

I share both a passion for cooking and food and am not afraid to try something new to please the palate!

Im on the SeedsofChange mission with smiley360 and received coupons for free products of my choosing, recipes to whip up with the product and a reusable bag!

I was searching through the recipe booklet and found one that jumped out at me and couldn't wait to head to the store and get the ingredients for it.

 Whelp, I get to wholefoods after countless stores and there they were but not the rice I was searching for but good thing I brought the recipe booklet with me! Whew, such a lifesaver! 

So I thought hey, I've never tried a stuffed mushroom before and I like all of the things that were in it such as pine nuts, Asiago cheese, scallions, the rice mixture but all in a mushroom baked to perfection. 

I gathered all of my ingredients tore open the rice brown rice and quinoa mixture and cooked it on the stove top in a pan with a little water and while the rice was cooking I preheated the oven and started chopping away some scallions. Then I rinsed the mushroom and patted it dry. When the rice was cooked i sprinkled on the pine nuts with the Asiago cheese and scallions and then set it on the mushroom and baked it into the oven. 

It smelled so good while it was baking away in the oven, I couldn't wait to dig in! 

Then finally after what seemed like forever out of the oven it came and my did it look tasty! All of that melty cheese with the pungent aroma of the pine nuts and bright green scallions on top! 

I have to say I will be making this again it was that good and I will defiantly be trying more products of theirs. 

I want to thank SeedsofChange for making good food taste great ! 

Want to see which stores closest to you sell SeedsofChange products? Find them on their locator on their site listed below.





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