#DISCOVERBROOKSIDE Crowdtap Sampling with Brookside Berry Medley Dark chocolate crunchy clusters !

It all began in British Columbia's Fraser valley in 1954 where they created sensational chocolates with a soft and chewy fruit flavored center from old favorites as well as extraordinary taste combinations. 

Brookside chocolates unique flavor combinations are made with:

Grown though out the Mediterranean region Punica Granatum which means the apple with many seeds. 

Goji Berry:
Tangy yet tasty goji berries also knows as wolf berries are grown on evergreen shrubs that are found in Tibet, China and Mongolia. 

Found in the Amazon forest and have been a staple in the local diet for hundreds of years. 

When Brookside chocolates first came out I fell in love with them at first bite! I loved the creaminess of the chocolate and the burst of the fruit in the center. 

Brookside just came out with their Berry medley crunchy clusters which still offers that burst of fruit in the center and luscious creamy decadent dark chocolate but with a bit of a crunch from the nut clusters!

I was literally jumping for joy when I found out that I would be receiving a bag of Brookside crunchy clusters for free to review! 

There's no comparison at all to any other chocolates when you bite into these delightful little treats they offer so many textures and flavors to make your tastebuds dance from the creaminess from the chocolate, the fruity center with the multigrain clusters! 

You can eat them straight out of the bag.

Pair them with your favorite coffee.

Or you can even add them to some frozen yogurt which all I did was pop some Fage plain yogurt in the freezer with a little bit of vanilla agave syrup and then added blueberries and topped it off with whipped topping for a tasty treat! 

Brookside has made yet another tasty product that I love it's sweet, crunchy and delicious makes for a great snack when craving something sweet!

Thank you so much Crowdtap for this wonderful yet indulgent experience with Brookside crunchy clusters! 

Look for Brookside crunchy clusters in stores now! 





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