Ambition for 2015

The holidays can be tough especially when your trying to eat healthy but there are times when you slip up and it's ok,  I've been there.

For as long as I can remember I've been overweight and often got picked on and laughed at because of my size. I would remember going home and crying each day after school and not wanting to even get out of bed the next day for school.

There were times that I would be eating healthy and exercising and I'd lose weight and feel great but then I would give up on myself saying it's too hard I can't do this anymore but now that I look back I realize I just wasn't ready for the huge change.

Losing weight isn't only a physical change as you see your body slowly shedding off the weight but a mental as well.

When I look in the mirror I expect to see the young ugly fat person I hated so much so staring back at me but I don't see her anymore I see a healthier and more beautiful version of myself.

You have to be ready and want it bad enough for yourself and I wanted it more than anything so three years ago I joined curves gym and never looked back I've lost a total of 136 pounds and I feel great!

I would be lying if I said that each day wasn't a struggle, because it is but I still keep going strong even when I feel like I don't want to exercise.

I have the best family, friends and support system.

My ambition for 2015 is to eat more healthier, exercise more at home when I can and also to not dine out at restaurants as much as I have been. I'd also love to build a support system for anyone whose trying to get healthy, lose weight, get back on track so we could help one another !


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