Arm & Hammer #TrulyRadiant Smiley360 mission !

I was provided with a free sample of new Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant to whiten my teeth for a beautiful smile in just five days with Smiley360! 

Want a beautiful smile and whiter teeth? 

Here are key ideas for a beautiful smile.

Our teeth are in fact affected by what we eat and drink from the acids which result in tooth decay which is when acids are produced by bacteria in plaque that attack teeth causing minerals like calcium to be lost.
When you use  toothpaste and mouth rinse that offers fluoride it helps strengthen the enamel by preventing calcium as well as other minerals from being lost from teeth, it can also help reduce tooth decay.  

We put our teeth at risk each day with the foods we eat as well as what we drink such as pickles, alcohol, coffee even soda due to the coloring and acids that discolor our teeth. 
Toothpastes that offer baking soda will help whiten while getting rid of stains and leaves you with a healthier and brighter looking smile. With the foaming action of the toothpaste it can lift stains off of your teeth as well. 


Bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease are all caused by bacteria of the mouth 
and to help with the problem Brushing with fluoride anti cavity toothpaste twice a day 
can not only reduce bacteria but leaves you with fresh breath and a cleaner and brighter smile. 

Spin brush truly radiant deep clean manual toothbrush:
When we brush our teeth we think we get a good cleaning but it turns out that we don't. The Truly radiant spin brush has been designed with a rotating head with elongated bristles to get in between those hard to reach places to help get rid of plaque. Did I mention that it requires no batteries? Your probably thinks wait what a spin brush with no batteries?! All you need is toothpaste and some water and your good to go for a deep clean brush that will leave your teeth brighter and cleaner in only 5 days ! 

Arm & Hammer truly radiant rejuvenating toothpaste:
I've us d teeth whitening toothpaste before and they didn't seem to work maybe it was because I wasn't using the mouth rinse with it who knows, but I know this for sure that Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Rejuvenating toothpaste works it not only whitens your teeth but repairs, strengthens tooth enamel for a more radiant smile in as little as 5 days ! The toothpaste offers a refreshing minty flavor that lasts and lasts so you won't have to do the breath check. 

Truly Radiant whitening and strengthening fluoride rinse:

I've tried all sorts of mouth rinses and most of them leave a burning sensation due to the alcohol but oh no not this fluoride rinse! Truly Radiant fluoride rinse not only whitens your teeth it strengthens and restores enamel, it's peroxide free formula has been made to whiten without any irrational which is free of alcohol and  leaves your breath minty fresh! Best of all is that it helps fight stains before they start. 

I do have to say at first I was skeptical thinking yeah right my teeth will become noticeably whiter in only five days just by brushing my teeth with Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant mouth rinse and toothbrush with the spin brush, sure. 

After day one my perception changed I noticed that my breath smelled fresher and my teeth looking whiter. I couldn't stop looking in every mirror I came across I just stood there mesmerized thinking are those my teeth? I couldn't stop smiling I've never felt more confident in my teeth than I do now. 

Not only did my teeth become whiter they felt clean too, I loved that the toothbrush didn't irritate my gums, I loved that the rinse didn't burn when swishing it around in my mouth as other rinses have in the past due to alcohol and loved the cool refreshing mint flavor that lingered. 




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