Fitsnack Subscription box Review !

Fitsnack is a monthly subscription box service that delivers all sorts of healthy and delicious snacks right to your door.

I came across Fitsnack on Instagram and I do have to say they offer some pretty tasty snacks that are gluten free, packed with protein, organic etc. you name it they've got it. 
 I also received a shirt with the quote that says " Fit is not a destination it's a way of life". I love the saying because it fits me perfectly !

Their snacks aren't only healthy and delicious but provide clean energy to support your fitness goal oriented lifestyle. 

I was sent a box for review and this is what I had received.

Some of these products I've done reviews on in the past and still to this days enjoy them and love them for a snack and some I haven't tried nor heard of before.

Let's get to the healthy snacking now shall we!

Fit snack Raw almond and pumpkin mix: 

What makes this mix of almonds and pumpkin seeds so great is that it contains no added sugar or sodium in it and are a healthy fat that's high in protein which makes it 
a great snack for on the go or even with yogurt and fruit for a delicious breakfast ! 

For breakfast I tossed a bit of the almond and pumpkin seeds on some plain yogurt along with some raisins and drizzled on a bit of organic vanilla agave syrup for a little sweetness and it made for the perfect breakfast to start my day! 

Simply 7 snacks are made with all natural ingredients and baked to perfection with 

that crispy texture you love when biting into a chip! Their chips come in many flavors 
and are kosher, gluten free and non GMO. 

Simply7 lentil chips:

I absolutely loved these they were light, not too salty which I loved and they paired very well with hummus for lunch! 

Simply7 quinoa chips:

These chips are outrageously delicious ! You know how when you bite into a chip and 

all you taste is salt sort of like when you swallow the water at the beach while swimming on accident and have a mouthful of salt? Well these chips aren't like that at 
all these are sprinkled with sea salt and are light and pair well with salsa even hummus or this nice chicken salad wrap on an engine2 wrap with diced chicken, 
dried cranberries, spinach, celery all mixed together with plain yogurt and a sprinkle of pepper to taste for a tasty and filling lunch. 

Oven Baked Organics Gluten Free Pancake mix:

Oven Baked Organics products are made with organic whole grains, organic Dutch 
cocoa powder, legumes, organic spices, organic evaporated cane juice, aluminum free baking powder, and unrefined salt. The pancake mixture packaging is made to 
prevent nutrients from being lost through oxidation to make sure you get the compete nutritional value that nature intended. 

For breakfast I whipped up some pancakes and topped it with some strawberries and 
banana and then drizzled on some vanilla agave syrup! I loved the way the pancakes 
puffed up they were fluffy and came out perfectly! What I love about pancakes is that you can add so many things to them from fresh fruit, peanut butter, chocolate chips 
and so much more! 

Protein Bakery makes delectable cookies and brownies that are packed with protein 
which keeps you fuller longer while preventing spikes in blood sugar levels. Each treat 
is high in dietary fiber and is low in gluten. It contains five times more protein than 

your average baked treat! 

Protein Bakey walnut Brownie:

What can i say i loved this brownie! It wasn't dried out like other protein brownies I've 
tried it was moist and delicious with chunks of walnuts in each bite! 

Protein Bakery Peanut Butter cookies:

I love peanut butter flavored anything especially these cookies right here from Protein 
Bakery, they offered outstanding peanut butter flavor, loved the texture as well they 
weren't crumbly and are the perfect size for when you have a craving for something 

Nogii Protein Powder:

Nogii protein offers the complete and perfect dietary source of protein which is quinoa 
and whey. Nogii's certified whey and quinoa protein powders are packed with a total of 7 grams of fiber, 20 grams of protein per serving and probiotics. Nogii contains no added colors, flavors or artificial sweeteners. 

Whey and quinoa cocoa chocolate:

When I saw this protein powder it had belt sander brownie written all over it! Belt sander brownie is a brownie made in a bowl or mug that's gooey and delicious ! I've tried one before but the protein powder I used wasn't whey so I decided to give it another shot and I'm so glad I did ! I mixed all of my ingredients in a bowl consisting of some milk, baking powder, the protein powder and a little pb2 and it looked like the 
kind of brownie batter you'd lick from the bowl. So I tossed it into the microwave for a 
few seconds and the aroma of the chocolate was enough to make my mouth water 
and I couldn't wait to bite into it! I mean seriously who doesn't love a fudgy brownie?! I then topped it off with some truwhip and then crumbled on one of my favorite 
peanut butter cups ever which is Quest Cravings! This brownie was outrageous it was moist, rich and was the perfect treat! 

Whey and quinoa vanilla bean protein powder:

For a post workout shake I blended this wonderful protein powder with a bit of milk, 
ice, water half of a banana and some pb2 and it was so good and just what I needed 
after my workout in the gym this morning. It tasted like banana bread but with a twist with the creaminess from the peanut butter. 

Gocopod coconut oil:

Coconut oil on the go. In each packet you get a serving of virgin coconut oil, while 
lowering your cholesterol, improving your immune function and boosting your metabolism. 

Coconut oil is a great alternative for butter or even canola oil plus it tastes like coconut! It goes great on toast or for even when baking and is healthier for you. 

Cinnamon crunch Somersault Snacks:

For dessert I had the cinnamon crunch somersault snacks topped with a little truwhip and sprinkled on some organic ground cinnamon ! What I love about these cinnamon snacks is that they go along perfectly with fruit, yogurt or even ice cream as well as right out of the bag. 

Veggie Chips:

Do you love the crunch of chips but don't like that they aren't healthy? These veggie chips are better for you because they are low in sodium, cholesterol and free of harmful unwanted fats and are high in vitamin a ! I've tried veggie chips before and loved them but no other veggie chip can even compare to these crispy, crunchy veggie chips at all. Why? They aren't your normal veggie chip I'm talking about real 
veggies but in chip form! You've got sweet potatoes, string beans and much more but only crunchy and more delicious ! 

Kay's naturals mocha espresso protein bite cookies:

How does Kay's naturals do it I mean cookies and coffee? Kay's naturals cookie bites are made with Dutch cocoa, ground espresso beans, that give you a rich chocolate taste with a hint of coffee for a tasty treat that will help cure your sweet tooth! 
They are kosher, and certified gluten free.

I am a coffee fanatic and couldn't wait to bite into these crunchy cookie bites! I mean 
come on now coffee and cookies what's not to love?! These delightful coffee flavored cookies were not only crunchy but delicious, they offered a coffee taste like no other and were the perfect topping to some frozen yogurt for a treat! 







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