PlantFusion plant based protein review !

PlantFusion believes in using ingredients that are good for our planet as well as our bodies. 

They've grown up with the health food lifestyle and feel strongly about the philosophies of holistic living and they'd hope to offer the tools to be able to help others take control of their own health.

I've tried all sorts of protein powders and there was some I liked and some I didn't. When I'm in a hurry I pour some protein powder in a shaker with water or milk for added protein and give it a little shake and I'm out the door, but if I have a little more time on my hands I toss in some fruit as well.

What I like about protein powders is you can use it in a number of ways:

And much more !

I came across PlantFusion and their flavors for their plant based protein powders sounded so good, they make flavors like chocolate raspberry, cookies n cream and more! 

To facilitate this review I was sent free samples of PlantFusion protein powders in exchange for my honest opinion however yours may differ.

Here are the products I was sent for my review.

Plant fusion flavors:

Vanilla Bean:

I liked the creamy consistency it gave my smoothie along with the sweet vanilla taste it was so delicious when paired with some strawberries and a half of a banana along with almond milk for a boost after my workout! 

All I did with the chocolate was mix with water and gave it a little shimmy shake and I was off to the 
gym for my morning workout, I don't normally mix my protein powders with water but I was in a 
hurry this morning and didn't have enough time to blend it along with ice. I liked the chocolate flavor 
it was sweet but not too sweet, just didn't like that because I didn't blend it I got a chalky like 
consistency in my mouth. 

Cookies n cream:

I was in cookies n cream heaven when I mixed this protein powder into some plain yogurt and set it into the freezer for a bit. It tasted exactly like cookies and cream ice cream only healthier! I baked a piece of a cookies n cream protein quest bar and crumbled it on top of the yogurt mixture and it was amazing! It was the perfect way to 
end my workout! 

Chocolate raspberry:

I loved the taste of this protein powder it was insane! The creaminess from the chocolate and fruity sensation from the raspberry was amazing it was mind blowing! I made a protein brownie with some of this mix and it was so good ! 


I prepared a protein smoothie before hitting the gym this morning and blended up 
some milk along with the protein powder, a small orange and a hint of vanilla agave 
syrup and it was creamy and delicious just like a creamsicle !



Loved the creamy vanilla taste and the fact that it filled me up!

Chocolate caramel:

For lunch I made one of my favorite smoothies with this protein powder along with

some ice, water, a tablespoon of crunchy superbutter and cottage cheese and it was delightful full of rich chocolate with notes of sweet caramel! It was like drinking a snickers bar! 

Find out where you can find PlantFusion on their website listed below ! 






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