Killcliff sports recovery drinks and protein bars review !

Kill Cliff company began in Atlanta Georgia when a former navy seal became quite tired of using caffeine drinks and Motrin just to replenish his body after a workout. He noticed that the energy drinks on the market were missing very important factors to help in recovery , that's when he came up with the idea to concoct sports nutrition products in which is a drink that's not only healthy and tasty but aids you to recover after your workout.

He then teamed up with top athletes and that's when
Killcliff was born Killcliff company doesn't make just drinks oh no they make tasty protein bars as well. I came across Killcliff through Instagram and I became quite interested in their products being that I workout a lot and look for snacks that are quick and easy to snack on especially after I workout at the gym.

 Disclosure: Killcliff provided me with samples of their products to facilitate my review in exchange for my honest opinion however yours may differ. Here is what Killcliff sent me for my review. Recovery drinks- Killcliff recovery drinks are packed with electrolytes, vitamins C,B and E. Made with plant extracts such as ginseng root powder, green tea extract and ginger root with an interesting blend of enzymes. Killcliff recovery drink makes you feel great thanks to its micronutrient replenishment before or after a strenuous workout.

 Killcliff recovery drinks contain no artificial colors, flavors, contain no sugar and only offer 15 calories! It's also not an energy drink.

 Tasty Blood orange:

I loved this drink it was just bursting with orange flavor and tasted just like orange soda!

 Free Fall Lemon Lime:
Loved the flavor it was crispy and refreshing tasted just like a sprite !

 Killcliff recovery drinks flavors include Double awesomeness pomegranate watermelon Free fall lemon lime Tasty blood orange

 Protein bars-

 Salted caramel and almond:

I love salted caramel anything and have never tried it in a bar especially with almonds. This bar offers a sweet and salty caramel taste with slivered almonds throughout.

 Chocolate chip cookie:

Chocolate chip cookie lovers beware this bar is simply delicious! Killcliff was dead on when they made this bar because it tastes exactly like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie! The texture is amazing it's chewy with tons of chocolate chunks in each bite!

 Here's what I love about these bars.

 They contain a total of 20-22 grams of protein Made with all natural ingredients
Make a great snack after your workout
You can bake them in the oven that takes the flavor to a whole new level !! I highly recommend it !

Killcliff protein bars come in four flavors

 Strawberries and cream
Mocha almond brownie
 Salted caramel almond
Chocolate chip cookie






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