Graindrops Powered by Koji probiotic drink review!

Some foods that we consume are hard for our bodies to digest properly which causes us to lose the so called good bacteria in our body such as after taking antibiotics  probiotics such as yogurt can help replace them or if you don't consume dairy or prefer probiotics in drinkable form then Graindrops is they way to go! 

Graindrops is a tasty probiotic non dairy drink that's made with a total of five gluten free organic whole grains that are rich in nutrients and milky sweetness through the power of Koji (Ko-jee), which is a centuries old Japanese culturing process.

Graindrops is made extra special with their triple cultured process to produce the worlds best gluten-free non dairy probiotic beverage on the market.

1. They create Koji by culturing biodynamic rice through a centuries old Japanese process.

2.They then use Koji releasing the rich flavor and nutrition of their five gluten-free organic whole grains.

3. Once their whole grains are all liquified and naturally sweetened they culture again with seven strains up to 20 billion live and active cultures.

So why biodynamic rice Koji? 

Biodynamic farms never use any artificial fertilizers, GMO's or sprays.

Biodynamic farming is the only type of agriculture that integrates plants, animals and soil into a self sustaining farm based ecosystem. 

The biodynamic farms represent an era in which sustainable agriculture is fused by ancient wisdom with modern science where Graindrops have the power of Koji in a tasty and satisfying new beverage !  

Koji's naturally occurring enzymes transform all parts of the whole grains releasing nutritional goodness as well as amazing flavor and aroma. Graindrops is made with no chemical or industrial enzymes. They infuse it with live active cultures to promote full digestive health. The end result is a low in fat, probiotic drink that is creamy and smooth which is a great source of whole grain fiber and satisfying.

Graindrops believes in good health powered by natures own wisdom and they've worked intently to come up with a delicious low fat beverage that's made from the finest ingredients that give us remarkable nutritional value while promoting digestive health as well. 

Graindrops facts:

Rich in enzymes. Koji's naturally produced enzymes which is protest, amylase, and lipase convert all of the whole grains into essential amino acids, natural grain sugar and fiber.  

Made using organic whole grains. The whole grains help lower bad cholesterol as 
well as help promote cardiovascular health.

Full Nutritional Absorption. The slow triple culturing "pre-digests" proteins and 
starches in an order in which  increases their bioavailability allowing nutritional 
components to be then fully absorbed by your body.

Designed to promote digestive health. whole grain fibers and billions of life active cultures help in the growth process of healthy bacteria in your gut, resulting in digestion as well as other valuable benefits. 

Gluten-Free. Graindrops uses gluten-free grains and keep an eye on their finished product to make sure they don't exceed 10ppm (parts per million) gluten is a more stringent standard than the FDA's 20ppm. Graindrops beverages are great for those who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle or gluten allergies. 

Foods and drinks that are in fact rich in fibers promoting the growth of beneficial cultures inside our bodies.

Foods and drinks that are rich in live and active cultures aiding in digestion increasing 
the bioavailability of nutrients in our foods that are difficult for our bodies to digest. 

Graindrops are a great source of both probiotic and prebiotic due to being a cultured 
grain milk with added inulin. 

Graindrops drinks are:

Certified organic
Vegan certified
Gluten free 
Non dairy 

Some people who don't eat yogurt get their daily dose of probiotics in other ways such as pill form or drinks like Graindrops ! 

I came across Graindrops through Instagram and was curious about their products they sounded so delicious and I just had to try them ! 

I was sent some coupons to pick up their products where I had found them at WholeFoods market and they come in three delicious flavors which are listed below. 

Before you drink Graindrops give the bottle a shake to get a creamy consistency o otherwise it's watery. 

Wild blueberry:

I loved the consistency as well of the flavor of this drink it was creamy as well as delicious. It goes great with some of my favorite cereal that you can also find at WholeFoods market which is Engine2 Rip's Big Bowl of Triple Berry Walnut it was the perfect topping. I also made a peanut butter and jelly smoothie for breakfast one morning where I tossed the Wild blueberry Graindrops in the blender along with half 
of a banana and some pb2 which is a powdered peanut butter, then I topped it off 
with some strawberry jelly as well as some creamy nutty yet crunchy peanut butter cereal and a little sprinkle of pb2 ! It was the perfect breakfast to start the day! 


Whether you blend in a smoothie pour it over cereal it's delicious no matter what ! 

Mango Ginger:

It was love at first sip it reminded me of summer sitting on the beach with the waves splashing and my hair blowing in the wind with the sweetness from the mango and the zing from the ginger! 

Find out where you can purchase Graindrops on their website !






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