Elli Quark fresh cheese review!

Elli Quark is a delicious yet spoonable fresh cheese that offers a creamy texture which is similar to greek yogurt but offers a less sour taste and is richer. Did you know that Elli Quark has a better protein to carb ratio than Greek yogurt, with high protein and no added sugars? 

Elli Quark contains only 80 calories a cup and comes in both fruity and decadent flavors for you to choose from so grab a spoon today and dig in, but before you do here are some healthy facts! 

Elli Quark Health stats-

Vegetarian friendly 
Non GMO & all natural ingredients
Milk from cows not treated with rBST
Safe for corn, nut and soy allergies
Live and active cultures with probiotics
UD Kosher certified 

Did you know that Elli Quark has almost half the calories of greek yogurt? 

Elli Quark is free from-

Starchy fillers
Artificial sweeteners
Added sugars

Elli Quark has 3X the protein than traditional yogurt which only contains 5 grams where Elli contains a whopping total of 14grams per cup! 

Traditional yogurt as well as Greek contain 26 grams of sugar whereas Elli contains only a wee total of 6! 

I came across Elli Quark at WholeFoods Market one day while shopping and I decided to try it so I bought them they only had strawberry and plain (some markets carry more flavors). 

So I brought them home and couldn't wait to literally dig in, they sounded so delicious and would be the perfect snack after my workout! 

Verdict, I loved them and had to try their other flavors which come in blueberry, cherry, mint chocolate, bananas foster, lemon, pineapple, vanilla bean, sea salt caramel, peach, and red velvet! So I went online and ordered an assortment of their flavors! 

What I love is that you can use Elli Quark in a number of ways such as spreading 
them on bagels for a rich creamy spread, bake with them, cook with them, use them 
as a topping or just as a snack! 

Here are the yummy flavors I ordered from their website! 

Chunks of tart cherries with a creamy rich texture making it a scrumptious treat! I had some dried chili lime cherries around the house so I decided to add it to this creamy treat for a little snack. 


I've tried pineapple cottage cheese before and absolutely hated it so I was sort of skeptical to try this flavor but since I'm a sucker for pineapple I just had to try! When I 
took that first bite it was like it transported me to a tropical island. It offered the perfect balance of sweet and tart in each bite! 


What I loved about this flavor was that there was plump ripe blueberries folded into the cheese giving it the perfect amount of sweetness. You know what I loved the most of all though was that the blueberries weren't on the bottom like those other yogurts 
with all of the added sugar. In each bite there was a blueberry and it was sweet and not sour. 

I loved the chunks of juicy strawberries along with the creamy and smooth texture. 


Creamy yet rich plain cheese which goes wonderfully in both sweet and savory recipes. 
For a little snack I mixed it with pb2 and spread it out on rice cakes with sprinkled cinnamon and some raisins ! It was creamy and delicious! You can even add it to a baked potato with scallions for a side dish or spread it on your morning bagel for a tasty breakfast! 
Vanilla Bean:

real specks of vanilla bean throughout this creamy decadent indulgence goes along 
perfectly with some fresh fruit or as is for a little treat that's completely guilt free!  

Mint chocolate:

This little treat was amazingly delicious, it tasted exactly like a thin mint girl scout cookie,a smooth cool blend of flavors to tantalize your palette! 

Bananas Foster:

I've never tried Bananas Foster anything before so I was sort of skeptical to try it not sure whether or not I'd like it but to my surprise I loved it! This creamy delicious cheese offers a slight banana taste with the essence of rum! I made a sweet omelette and stuffed it with the bananas foster cheese some cinnamon, sliced banana and 
added a drizzle of some cinnamon maple syrup! 

Sea Salt Caramel:

It's sweet from the caramel notes and creamy with a touch of sea salt making it the perfect dessert! Whether you top it off with some cacao chips, whipped topping or fresh fruit it's insanely delicious ! 


Loved the fresh juicy peaches throughout the creaminess it tasted like a scrumptious 
peach cobbler without the crumbly topping! Here you have Peach EQ with sliced strawberries for a little snack!


I loved that the lemon flavor wasn't too much to make your mouth pucker it was light and sweet and offered a cheesecake like consistency! I made oatmeal blueberry pancakes and topped it off with some lemon Quark with warm blueberries and it was so good it didn't even need syrup! 

Red Velvet:
Creamy and delicious with a hint of chocolate works perfectly as a spread on 
anything imaginable from homemade cupcakes and much more! 

So grab a spoon, dig in and get your #quarkon and don't forget to #saycheese ! 







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