Nut Zez Gourmet Carob Cookie Butter Review !

It all began with founder of NUT ZEZ, LLC Gourmet Almond Butters Amanda Zezima for her own health needs. She's been a type 1 diabetic for over 20 years and has competed in the national physique committee in the bodybuilding division of women's physique. Due to the strict diet restrictions and health concerns she needed a product that was not only low in sugar, but high in healthy fats to boost stable blood sugars and one that offered protein. Her idea was to make it taste good but offered a wide range of flavors that didn't lack in nutritional value, and NUT ZEZ was born! 

Not long after everyone was demanding NUT ZEZ and because of that NUT ZEZ main goal is to provide the public with a healthy and delicious food that will satisfy any unhealthy craving! 

NUT ZEZ is produced in a peanut free facility that provides healthy fats from being high in monounsaturated fats with added benefits of almonds having antioxidants and nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, biotin, vitamin E, Vitamin B and fiber. Almonds lower LDL which reduces the risk of heart disease along with many other benefits. 

Ever notice when you open your jar of almond butter you see a ton of oil at the top ? 

That's because when almonds are processed the natural oils from the nuts are extracted acting as a natural preservative causing them to separate. You can avoid that by simply stirring the jar each time you dig into your NUT ZEZ almond butter and store the jars upside down. 

NUT ZEZ contains 

No added sucrose, preservatives or salt which makes them unique unlike any other brand.

Some have added protein powders in them for those who are maximizing their protein/nutrient intake.

Some are free of gluten and lactose.

Optional NUT ZEZ ideas:

Add to oatmeal
Bake or cook with it
Use as a dip
Use as a topping
Add to a smoothie
Make a sauce 


NUT ZEZ provided me with a sample of almond butter to facilitate my review, all opinions expressed are my own, however yours may differ.

Amanda herself sent me a jar of her carob cookie butter and I've never tried carob in a nut butter before so I didn't know what to expect. During the summer I've tried carob chips on frozen yogurt and wasn't a fan but my this cookie butter was so good ! I loved the taste it was sweet, crunchy and creamy ! 

Carob cookie butter is made with whey protein isolate, roasted almonds and carob chips. 

I fell in love with this butter it goes perfectly on or in anything.

With sliced apples:

Like oatmeal: 
with some sliced banana, warmed blueberries and a touch of cinnamon.

NUT ZEZ flavors:

Maple almond crunchy or smooth
Chocolate cherry almond
Chocolate maple almond
Chocolate almond
Cinnamon raisin almond
Vanilla protein almond 
Honey almond

Did you know that you can make your own flavor which is called the selfie creation where you create you own by choosing your flavor as well as nuts and textures.

Specialty Flavor options:

Candied Apple pie almond
Apple turtle almond
Mocha cappuccino almond
Banana bread almond
French toast almond
Energy almond
Pecan butter
Crunchy vanilla raisin walnut 
Blueberry vanilla protein 

They have so many flavors to choose from, and sound delicious in their own way that will leave you drooling, literally I want to try them all ! 

Check them out online on their website. 



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