Baking Got a whole lot sweeter in the kitchen with Splenda !

Eating healthy shouldn't mean that you can't treat yourself to foods that you enjoy every now and then especially when it comes to dessert so swap out your traditional sugar and make the sweet switch with Splenda! 

Splenda is used a sugar substitute whether you use it for your coffee, tea or even baking and tastes just like sugar.

I'm always in the kitchen cooking and trying out new recipes and couldn't wait to whip up healthy and delicious desserts with my friends and family.I was selected to host a party through Crowdtap to make the sweet switch with Splenda and cook up all kinds of tasty creations with my loved ones and here is what they sent me! 

Splenda sweetener sugar blend
Splenda no calorie sweetener granulated sugar
Splenda brown sugar blend
 Splenda aprons
Splenda spatulas
Splenda cutting boards
Splenda jump ropes
Splenda measuring cups 

My friends and I got busy in the kitchen the other night and whipped up some desserts with Splenda, we had so much fun not only making these treats but munching on them as well and here is what we made! 

Fresh Berry Pie:
Got a sweet tooth but don't eat chocolate? If so then this fresh Berry pie is right up your alley! It offers a mixture of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, gelatin and raspberry jam in flaky graham cracker crust. It was sweet and delicious, you can even add a little whipped topping! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies:
The weather sure has been crazy here, it's like everyday there's a snowstorm and what better way to warm up than with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie! 

I don't know what part was more enjoyable the baking or the eating! 

So swap your traditional sugar for Splenda sweeteners today when your baking in the kitchen for a delicious yet guilt free dessert whether your whipping up a batch of your famous cookies or mom's Apple pie! 

Thank you so much Splenda for making desserts delicious and more enjoyable ! 





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