ProTing Protein chips Review!

It all began in 2009 when Krik creator of Protings was relaxing on the couch after a workout in his college gym just snacking on a boring old protein bar. He got to thinking why aren't there many protein snacks on the market besides protein shakes and bars? 

Then in 2011 the time came to graduate college. Krik and his roommate friend of two years Ryan set off to the Big Apple (New York) to start jobs in the world of finance with not only big dreams but high hopes as well.

Krik and Ryan are both very active and go to the gym daily. Years of staying active and working out and snacking on countless protein shakes as well as bars they began conversing about the lack of protein based snacks.

After living in New York for over a year they began thinking about their life as well as careers and just like in 2009 sitting on the couch is when the idea of Protein chips came to mind and that's when ProTings were born! 

Though Krik and Ryan had no experience in food industry they began experimenting and cooking in the kitchen to develop a delicious yet healthy protein chip! 

After six months of numerous recipes they finally perfected it with an end result of chips that are gluten free, delicious, vegan, and contain 15 grams of protein with only 120 calories. 

ProTings officially launched in the summer of 2013

I came across ProTings through Instagram and I was interested in their products I've 
tried all sorts of protein products ranging from shakes and bars but have never tried 
or heard of protein chips before. 

Being that I workout a lot these chips sure would come in handy for a snack after a workout or even to munch on.

Ryan sent me some ProTings to try out and I couldn't wait to tear open the package and bite into them! 

Let me tell you a little bit about them first before we get to the munching part! 

 contain a total of 15 grams of protein
Gluten free
GMO free

Proting chips are made with:

Pea protein
Flax seeds
Sunflower oil

ProTings come in three crunchy and delicious flavors such as:

Tangy southern BBQ:
If it's one thing that I love it's bbq chips! These chips were flavorful as well as delicious! 

Chili Lime:

I loved these chips and the fact that once you bite into them your greeted with a kick from the spices and then a punch to your tastebuds with lime! It paired perfectly along with a veggie grilled cheese wrap for lunch! 

Sea Salt:

When I saw this flavor I had the perfect idea in mind. Since the Super Bowl is right around the corner I thought I'd make my all time favorite which is guacamole ! I always bought it in stores but I decided to make my own and it came out perfectly ! I 
loved that these chips weren't overly salted they were just right along with the crunch 
you get when you bite into it! The saltiness from the chips went along great with the 
chunky guacamole , it was the ultimate pair ! I also paired them with some hummus and they were just as good loved the taste of the salt and the crunch of the chips with the creaminess from the hummus ! 







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