Detour Simple Salted Caramel cookie dough protein bar

Detour Bar just came out with new protein bars called Detour Simple and I'm a Detour bar influencer and get to try out all of the newest Detour bars when they first come out and just recently I was sent a box from their new product line which is made with clean ingredients and is gluten free, non GMO and made with nothing artificial . Best of all Detour Simple contains a total of 20 grams of protein making it a delicious and satisfying post workout snack or for a treat when you get a craving for something sweet to snack on! 

You can even have this bar as a meal replacement for those days when there's no time to whip up breakfast or lunch when your on your way out the door.

Detour simple contains 

Only 7 grams of sugar
Contains 230 calories
Contains 6 grams of fiber to fill you up to nourish the body 

Detour Simple bars come in three flavors:

Salted caramel cookie dough
Chocolate chip caramel
Caramel peanut 

I couldn't wait to try out Detours new product when it finally arrived, it was literally starting me in the face saying eat me for your post workout snack..Now! LOL 

Your probably wondering what flavor I got my hands on.

I received the Salted Carmel Cookie Dough protein bars and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into them, I mean come on now you've got a chewy cookie dough center with velvety caramel with chocolate chips smothered in chocolate! It's so delicious, it reminded me of the time when I would bake cookies with my mom when I was younger and lick the cookie dough off of the spoon, come on now we've all done it. Don't try to act like you haven't. It's insanely good ! I'm telling you biting into this decadent yet delicious bar my tastebuds were dancing! 

If you are a cookie lover you will fall in love with this bar ! 

The other flavors sound just as delicious and wouldn't mind sinking my teeth into them.

You can learn more about Detour Simple bars on their website listed below.







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