Making a Touchdown in the Kitchen with Weight Watchers!

Wherever there's a celebration for some kind of event there's food involved which more than likely it's unhealthy especially when it comes to something as big as the Super Bowl! Whether you celebrate the big game at home with friends and family in front of the tv rooting on your team or at a local bar there's all sorts of food from chips and dip, sandwiches and wings we tend to overdo it and eat a lot more than we really should.

When it comes to events like these it can be hard to stay away from these foods especially when you have been watching what you eat, don't you wish there was a way that you could still enjoy your traditional game day favorites without sacrificing your diet and the flavor ?

Well you can with these game day recipes from Weight Watchers that are bursting with flavor and best of all can feed a crowd! 

I was selected to host the Big Game Weight Watchers party through Crowdtap to celebrate the Super Bowl game and serve up all sorts of delicious recipes whether it be snacks, appetizers, desserts and much more but with a healthy twist!

Being that I've made lifestyle changes with my weight I couldn't wait to show you all that you can too can enjoy your game day food favorites with these healthier choices, after all it's a celebration! 

To gear up for the big game Crowdtap sent me all sorts of decorations to throw this shindig and here's what was included! 

Football cups
Football game
Foam fingers
Football hats
Football field tablecloth 
Weight watchers recipe booklets
Football streamers
Football eye stickers
Football serving plate
Football cupcake toppers

A game day favorite of mine is bbq chicken wings and drumsticks because not only are they delicious but they sure can feed a crowd! 

Of course we have the occasional chips with salsa for a little snack to munch on, and of course we've got carrot sticks as well. 

Or chicken Apple bite sized meatballs that are perfect for dipping! 

Or if your a cheese lover then these pizza potato skins are right up your alley, with a little sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese all in a potato skin. (made some sweet potato pizza skins as well) 

You didn't think I would forget dessert now did you? All this dessert took was some vanilla ice cream, seltzer water, some orange juice and ice in a blender with orange zest and you've got a delicious yet slurp-able Orange creamsicle ! 

 I now have some new game day favorites that are easy to whip up and are healthy as well as delicious and I owe it all to Weight Watchers and Crowdtap! 


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