Sendmeglutenfree October box review

Not long ago I reviewed Sendmeglutenfree for the blog and was ecstatic when they sent me another one for review! 

They are a great service and have not only delicious healthy foods to sample but products that are all natural and organic to try ranging from soaps, deodorants and more ! 

I couldn't wait to see what sendmeglutenfree had sent me to test for reviewing purposes only in the October box! 

Are you ready to see what the month of October has to offer? 

I heart keenwah chocolate sea salt quinoa clusters:

I've never tried quinoa like this before in my life! It was like a miniature granola baked baked to perfection with sea salt and a chocolate drizzle on top ! It made for the perfect snack when I had a craving for something sweet and went along perfectly with almond milk. 

Bonne Maman strawberry preserves

I love preserves whether in oatmeal on toast or on top of pancakes ! I decided to whip up some peanut butter and jelly pancakes using some of the strawberry preserves I was sent from the October sendmeglutenfree box and couldn't wait to bite into them! 

Natures path organic dark chocolate chip granola bar:

Being that I'm a huge fan of Natures Path Organic granola I couldn't wait to tear the wrapper and sink
my teeth into this snack. I have to admit though I wasn't a fan of this product yes it was good but i felt
that it was lacking something. 

Conte's all natural, wheat free and gluten-free spinach and cheese ravioli:

In this months sendmeglutenfree box I received a coupon for a free conte's product and would have liked to try their pizza but couldn't find it at the store I was shopping at so I thought well I've never tried spinach ravioli so I decided to try it! I knew just the perfect side for it as well which is a meatballs that we had made for dinner the other night and a side salad! I'm so glad I purchased this ravioli because it was so delicious and it made the perfect dinner for a stormy windy night !

Yogavive chocolate Apple chips:

Fat free, crispy, no added sugar, organic and gluten free 
I love apple chips but never have tried them in chocolate flavor and couldn't wait to try them out ! It didn't offer an intense chocolate flavor but was still delicious and works great with yogurt or in a trailmix with nuts, raisins etc. 

Mediterranean Sea salt baked lentil chips:

I had the perfect addition to these lightly salted chips, hummus ! They were crispy ,delicious and goes along well with salsa and much more ! 

Nuts about berries nogii gluten free and paleo bar:
This bar was the perfect little snack after my workout at the gym today, it was chewy and a bit crunchy from the nuts and the sweet taste from the berries. 
Redd remedies pain t4 relief:
This isn't like any ordinary pain relief capsule oh no it targets these four areas joints, muscles, stress and most importantly the brain. It's fast acting and relieves the pain within minutes of consuming so you can go about your daily life. 

Primal Pit Paste orange creamsicle deodorant:

I've always wanted to try primal pit paste deodorant so I was excited when there was this sample in this months sendmeglutenfree box! Say whatttt, orange creamsicle scent?! How awesome is that? I've always been a fan of orange creamsicle ever since I was a child there's just something about the aroma of citrusy oranges with the calming sensation of vanilla ! I have to admit I do love this scent and so glad that it helps me get through my workout without doing the pit check. I love that it's in a small container and all you have to do is swipe and go ! 

Country Life coenzyme b-complex caps:
Feeling low on energy ? Country Life coenzyme b-complex helps give you a boost of energy by consuming between meals or before a meal. 

Kemnitz family kitchen:
The cutest Gluten free stickers that you can enjoy with confidence ! 






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