Wink Frozen Desserts Review !

It all began with CEO and founder of Wink Desserts Gabe, ever since he was a child he loved ice cream but when he was at the age of 17 he was diagnosed with both a dairy allergy and celiacs disease. 

When you have a food allergy shopping for food is tough because there's a bunch of products you can't have and avoiding ice cream was the toughest part ever.

Since he was using pea protein in his diet he came to the realization that you could cover up the taste with natural flavors and he made a healthier version of the treat that he missed oh so much! 

He wanted the frozen treats to be free of artificial ingredients, fat and sugar so others can enjoy it too! 

Meet Head of operations of Wink Ani, if it wasn't for her Gabe would still be whipping up his tasty concoctions from his home and word wouldn't have gotten out about his tasty desserts for all to love, and cake batter flavor would never have been created­čś│

Meet ice cream lover and head of marketing Jordan who never knew of anyone who was unable to enjoy ice cream that is until he met Gabe. He lends a helping hand at all types of trade shows and events and helps bring Wink and mascot Winky to life ! 

Then there's Kunal head of sales who helps bring Wink desserts to those who are looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream in stores and is in constant contact with stores across the country. Have a store in mind for Wink send Kumal an email directly ! 

Even though I've changed my ways of eating and lost a lot of weight I still like to enjoy something sweet once in a while and what better way to do so with some Wink Desserts!

You're probably thinking what's wink desserts, well it's an ice cream get this that contains none of the bad stuff and is completely guilt free for those that enjoy sweets and watching what they eat.

I've been hearing about Winks desserts all Instagram and just had to see what got everyone raving about them!

I looked all around for their desserts I'm talking about hitting every supermarket and couldn't find them anywhere, that is until one day while in WholeFoods I spotted them ! They were right there winking at me and I just knew I had to try them! 

I was ecstatic when manager Ani over at Wink told me she was going to ship me their desserts to try out for review in exchange for my honest opinions. 

Being that I love desserts I couldn't wait to try out these tasty treats for review! Here's some facts about their products.

Their desserts are unlike no other being made with a pea protein base, monk fruit and an organic stevia for sweetness. 

Egg free
Nut free
Dairy free
Fat free
Gluten free
Sugar free
Soy free

Here are the flavors that Wink Desserts come in. 

Cocoa dough:
Tastes a bit like cookie dough ice cream but without the dough! It sure was delicious topped 
with some truwhip and some Annie's bunny grahams for a tasty treat! 

Choco mint:
Chocolate and mint go along perfectly together so I couldn't wait to try this delightful treat, at first I didn't know what I could pair it with then it hit me I had a monster chocolate mint clif kid z bar so I crumbled it up and put it on the ice cream along with a dollop of Tru whip for a treat ! 

Iced latte:
I'm a huge fan of coffee flavored anything especially dessert such as ice cream so I couldn't wait to dig into this flavor! I grabbed the pint and set it out on the counter to thaw while I gathered other ingredients for the perfect dessert, I mixed up a guilt free brownie mix in a mug consisting of two tablespoons called no pudge fudge with organic vanilla yogurt and then popped it into the microwave. When it was done warming up I carefully scraped around the edges of the mug and set it on a plate then put a dollop of truwhip on top and  a scoop of iced latte ice cream ! It was seriously the best dessert ever ! 

Cake batter:
Cake batter ice cream is one of my favorites it's sweet and hello it tastes like cake ! The girls and I got together for a girls night and curled up on the couch and relaxed and chatted over a bowl of cake batter with some truwhip and sprinkles on top! It was the perfect treat to end a great night ! 

Cinnamon bun:
I love cinnamon everything from coffee to ice cream ! This tasty little treat was amazingly delicious with just the right amount of cinnamon and of course I added a bit of toppings to it such as truwhip, annieshomegrown snicker doodle bunny grahams and some cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top! 

Want to see where Wink desserts are sold in you're area? Check them out online at the website listed below ! 








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