Well Food Company Review!

I came across the Well Food company on Instagram and I just knew I had to try them since their products are not only healthy and tasty looking but are,

Gluten free 
Soy free
Grass fed 
Wheat free
Grain free
No added preservatives or hormones 

They have all sorts of products ranging from protein bars to snack mixes with nuts, dried fruits, dried coconut and more! 

I couldn't wait to try out their products when I was sent them for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

Here is what I was sent.

Jerky and nuts wolf snax keto pack:

The perfect snack in between meals when the need for carbohydrates is low this snax mix is made up of a delicious blend of jerky and nuts mixed with shreds of coconut! 

A delicious blend of coconut, almonds and walnuts goes great on some plain yogurt for sweetness with a bit of a crunch or right out of the bag for a quick and tasty snack to keep you on your toes till lunch or dinner time! 

The jerky offered a bit of sweetness with a hint of smoky flavor and it was a great post workout snack! 

Peppermint crunch chocolate bar:

This flavorful chocolate bar has Christmas written all over it with the creaminess from the chocolate and crunch from the cool peppermint throughout each bite! 

All natural barbecue beef jerky:
Great smoky flavor with a touch of sweetness! Was the perfect snack to hold me till lunch at work! 

Mre Paleo snax:

Sweet meets savory in this delicious Blend of coconut, pineapple and jerky.

For breakfast this morning I topped off my pineapple yogurt with some dried pineapple and coconut and it was delicious! 

Double chocolate chip Paleo cookie:

I loved this cookie it was chewy, chocolaty and delicious perfect for when you're

craving something sweet ! 

Well Athlete Almond Cranberry whey protein bar:

i loved that this bar was soft almost like a muffin but in bar form with chunks of cranberries throughout each bite it was the perfect snack after I got out of the gym!

Natural beef steak tips:
Great flavor and enough protein for that post workout boost you need after an intense 
session at the gym! 

Almond raisin Paleo cookie:
I loved this cookie tastes like a fresh baked oatmeal cookie with plump juicy raisins and almonds ! 

Don't just eat healthy be Well Fed! 

Check them out online and connect with them on social media.





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