TMNT Pop Secret secret white cheddar popcorn Klout perk review !

What's your favorite movie time snack ? Mine is popcorn ! Whether it's plain, lightly salted, drizzled with caramel or even cheese! 

Even as a child I loved popcorn especially when we went to the movies with family or friends, but they offer a ton of fat and calories especially with the butter on top it's just a heart attack waiting to happen. 

So as I grew older I made popcorn myself at home without the added butter ok well maybe a spritz or two of I can't believe it's not butter but that's it.

To this day it's still my favorite movie time snack but when your watching a movie and you can't seem to take you're eyes off the tv you start to smell that dreadful smell we all hate, and then you notice you've left it in the microwave for way too long.

I'm super excited to share this review with you all today, I received the new Pop Secret popcorn product which is a pre popped popcorn in a bag and I couldn't wait to try it ! 

Best thing ever is a snack that you won't feel guilty for eating. Not to mention it's made with non GMO popcorn and oil, 100% whole grain, it has zero grams of trans fat per serving and is gluten free ! 

Pop Secret pre popped pop corn comes in these four flavors homestyle butter, kettle corn, salted and white cheddar. 

I received the white cheddar flavor and was so glad I did because not only can you have it as a snack but you can put some on top of some delicious creamy tomato soup or serve it alongside a sandwich ! 

Thank you so much Klout and Pop Secret I can't wait to try the other flavors ! 

Check them out online and see where you can find the new Pop Secret popcorn ! 






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