Slimplate System Review!

When your trying to get healthy and lose weight it can get tough especially when it comes to eating so you count calories only to find that it's a lot of work. Don't you wish there was something easier than counting calories? 

Well I'm happy to tell you there is and it's called Slimplate system

You're probably thinking what's Slimplate system? 

Well let me tell you, it's literally weight loss in a box which was designed by Dr. Myo Nwe .

Here are some facts:

1.You can lose weight in the privacy of your own home

2.You never have to count calories again 

3. It's not just portion controlled plates it's a real weight loss system you can follow 

Ask yourselves these questions.
A. Do you drink diet drinks in hoping you'll lose weight?
B. Do you skip breakfast? you make the mistake of not drinking enough water? you make the mistake of not eating frequently enough? 
E. Do you eat more than 18 grams of sugar a serving ? 

If you've answered yes to any of these questions Slimplate system is for you.

what I like about Slimplate system is that it does all the measuring for you to 

portion out your meals and snacks! 

I came across Slimplate system on Instagram and I thought hey this sounds like a product that was made for me so I checked them out online.

When you go to a restaurant do you tend to eat the whole meal or take the rest to go? 

Let's be honest the portions are huge, so this is why I like to control what goes on my plate at home! When I eat out at a restaurant I tend to bring the leftovers home rather than devouring the whole meal. 

What I like about the Slimplate system is that it didn't just come with plates oh no, it came with bowls and cups as well which I will tell you all about them! 

You see Slimplate system is a step by step weight loss program starting you off first with the inspired portion plate which is a plate that limits starchy foods and is designed to boost your body's fat burning metabolism and you work your way up to the maintenance plate which is when you reach your goal weight and it helps you maintain it by keeping you from gaining any unwanted weight. 

When I came across their website I was interested in their system being that it came  with these nifty cutters for when your food doesn't fit inside of the lines on your plates like say if you cook up a pancake and it's too big for the plate or even a sandwich. Take the cutter and press it down onto the sandwich or 
pancake and it cuts it for you and then you'll have a perfectly portioned meal ! 

I was so excited when I received the Slimplate system for review for my blog and couldn't wait to get started! 

In exchange for my honest opinions Slimplate sent me their weight loss in box system for review all opinions are my own.

Here is what Slimplate sent me for review:


Inspired portion plate:
Designed to cut back on your starch foods to boost your body's fat burning metabolism.

Savvy portion plate:
This plate is used to keep your weight loss continuous and you'll use this plate in the second month of
 your weight loss plan. Reintroduces more starch to keep your meals balanced. 

Master portion plate:
The master portion plate helps you to get closer to your goal to weight loss with a well balanced diet and you can also use this plate for as long as you'd like to in order for you to achieve your weight loss goal starting with the third month. 

Maintenance plate:
Hooray you've reached your goal and now you're ready to maintain it by using the maintenance plate! This plate is designed to keep the unwanted weight off when you've successfully reached your goal! 

Breakfast portion plate:

Craving a pancake or waffle? This plate is the way to go and it keeps you in check with the right 
amount.i made a grilled cheese for dinner and served it up with a side of tomato soup in the book bowl not pictured it just wasn't a pretty picture, but sure was yummy.


Cold cup:
This cup here is to control your sugary drink intake to only one a day like soda or juice.

Hot mug:
You can still enjoy your favorite coffee, tea or even hot chocolate with this mug but in the right amount. 


Soup or cereal:

What I found out about using this bowl is that it fills me up whether I'm eating cereal or soup as a meal

Fruit or snacks saucer:
Craving something sweet or salty or just want a delicious fruit salad? Make sure you use this bowl. 

Weight loss cutters:
I love this idea it's neat and very easy to use for when you make a sandwich or pancake that doesn't 
quite fit into the line measurements on the plate or even for those muffins you buy at the grocery store that are as big as a softball! 

Thank you Slimplate for sending me your wonderful weight loss in a box system for review I'm loving this new approach when I'm creating my meals and it's so much more easier! 

Interested in Slimplate? Then what are you waiting for check them out on their website now! 


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