Skintimate Crowdtap Sampling: Night of pampering with the ladies

Crowdtap has spoiled me yet again with another amazing sampling but this one was like no other it was all about the ladies and I getting together to have a girls night to pamper ourselves.

When I first found out I would be hosting the Skimp, Pamper and Protect party from Crowdtap I was ecstatic I mean come on now who doesn't love getting together with the ladies for a girls night ? 

The pampering kit I received from Crowdtap contained razors, Skintimate raspberry rain shaving gels, toe separators, post shave lotion, an exfoliating scrub and a nail polish.
I was amazed at this kit and was so excited to have been selected for the party and of course what's a party without some decorations, movies to watch, and food.

In preparation for the party I hit the stores on a hunt for decor that I had found online and had the perfect theme in mind "spa party" because they had tiny bottles of nail polish on them with those eye masks you wear over you're eyes as you get your beauty sleep and they were super cute! 

I also found goody bags which I used to put in their shave gel, toe separators, razors some lindts candy in and loofah sponges! 

Before the party I prepped my legs for a night of pampering by using the exfoliating 
scrub that I absolutely loved it made my skin feel nice and soft, then I began the 
shaving process with my raspberry rain sample.

My legs have never felt more smooth than they felt that night I'm telling 
you it was luxurious without any cuts while shaving! 
I loved the smell of the post shave lotion it was lightly scented and not greasy or thick at all like other lotions can be when applying.

I couldn't wait to get everything all set up for the party so I found some 
things in the house and found nail polishes laying around so I gathered them and set them up at the nail station for my girls to pick and choose their color for when we painted our nails.

Theres a small hutch in the house that I decided to make into a nail station where I set up a small chalkboard and then wrote with chalk the words "nail station" next to the colorful display of nail polishes.  

Next came the food and what to serve I was racking my brain with all types of foods to pick on for a night of pampering and platters were the way to go filled with vegetables, fruits, cold cuts and cheeses for sandwiches, chips and more! 

The one food that no one could resist was the spa lady made of guacamole and cheese with a chickpea nose and earrings along with her cucumber eyes and rosy red pepper lips! It was great along side chips and vegetables ! 

We had a blast spending time together painting our nails

Here's a photo of the ladies with their samples! 

 because for one night nothing else mattered, that's just what happens when you are having so much fun when you're surrounded by good friends that make you laugh until your stomach hurts. 

Thank you so much Skintimate and Crowdtap for letting us sample these 
wonderful products to pamper ourselves,we feel confident and ready for anything ! 





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